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[pick any two]

(a) The presence of hair or fur.

(b) Sweat glands.

(c) Glands specialized to produce milk, known as mammary glands.

(d) Three middle ear bones.



280 days or 40 weeks






[Pick any two]

(a) auxin.

(b) abscisic acid

(c) ethylene

(d) gibberellins

(e) cytokinins



(a) iron

(b) magnesium



[Pick any two]

(a) Crocodilians

(b) Snakes

(c) amphisbaenians

(d) lizards



When controlled by a particular allele of a gene and which will only be displayed when the individual is homozygous for this allele.



– O negative blood



(a) anemometer is an instrument that measures wind speed and wind pressure.

(b) pooter is used in ecology for collection of insects.



[Pick any four]

(a) Mid- brain

(b) Occipital lobe

(c) Temporal lobe

(d) Parietal lobe

(e) Frontal lobe

(f) Cerebral cortex

(g) Cerebellum



Hemoglobin (Heme + Globin)



[Pick any two]

(a) Bile production and excretion.

(b) Excretion of bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones, and drugs.

(c) Metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.

Enzyme activation.

(d) Storage of glycogen, vitamins, and minerals.






[Pick any two]

(a) grasshoppers

(b) cicadas

(c) cockroaches

(d) Lice









Ecological Instrument:

– Rain gauge


Ecological Factor Measured:

– Precipitating rain



Ecological Instrument:

– Anemometers


Ecological Factor Measured:

– Wind Speed



Ecological Instrument

– Secchi disk:


Ecological Factor Measured

– Turbidity or Transparency of water



Ecological Instrument:



Ecological Factor Measured:

– Atmospheric pressure



Ecological Instrument:

– Photometer


Ecological Factor Measured:

– Strength of electromagnetic radiation




(i) Diatoms —> Mosquito Larvae —> King fisher


(ii) Primary Producer: Diatoms

(iii) Tertiary customer: King fisher



There is a tendency of over crowding in the ecosystem due to the fact that there is possibility of decrease in death rate as a result of tertiary consumer (king fisher) from the environment






-TEST: To a piece of yam iodine solution was added


-OBSERVATION: The colour will change to blue black


-INFERENCE: Starch is present



-TEST: To a small quantity maltose in a test tube was added Benedict solution , the mixture was boiled for 4-6 minutes


-OBSERVATION: A brick red precipitate is seen


-INTERFERENCE: Glucose is present



-TEST: To small quantity of egg white was added 3cm³ of million regent , the mixture was warmed in a water bath for few minutes


-OBSERVATION: A red precipitate would appear


-INTERFERENCE: Protein is present



-TEST: A few drops of Sudan (III) was added to oil in a test tube and then boiled


-OBSERVATION: A red coloration appeared before boiling. A black precipitate was observed on boiling


-INTERFERENCE: Fat & Oil is present




(i) Starch — yam, rice

(ii) Lipid — palm oil , groundnut

(iii) Protein — Milk , cheese

(iv) Vitamins — Soya beans , palm wine






(i) Anterior Contractile Vacuole

(ii) Cilium

(iii) Meganucleus

(iv) Micronucleus

(v) Gullet

(vi) Food vacuole

(vii) Posterior Contractile Vacuole






Aquatic habitats










(ii) Cilium: It serves as locomotion through surrounding of water

(v) Gullet: It is responsible for ingestion of food


(iii) Posterior Contractile Vacuole: Gets rid of excess water 



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