Federal University of Otuoke student protest for course portal re-opening

The students of the Otuoke Federal University in Bayelsa state, on Monday 1st of November 2021 made a peaceful form of fighting against the sudden shutdown of their portal by which they register their courses.

The angered student who was been headed by the President of Otuoke Student Union Government named MacDonald Felix and the officer of public relations, Faith Okoto made a demand that the course registration portal be forcefully opened back so that student however can get to register their courses before examinations.

The news spreads out that the protesting students blocked the gates of the main campus of the Otuoke university in the community of the former president Goodluck jonathan this has stoped the staffs of the university from getting in and going out of the campus

This incident forced the authorities of the university to postpone examinations which where meant to have began on Monday.

However, before this occured the student where said to have gone to the Dean of the student affairs Dr Joseph Umoru, for a way that they can possibly fix this without having to cause any damages.


But, instead of a good response the Dean made a statement that made the student more bitter, He said that the student are free to go comit sucide if they cannot pause their studies as a result of late registration.

Many said that some of this students had just gained admission while others have finished their application but the ICT units of the schoolhas been malfunctioning, enrollment have been deleted some of the courses which was registered where later deregistered and this are some of the problems the students have been facing for a while now.

However, many student are asking what time will the problems befalling Otuoke University be solved as along with the many other problem the school is facing, the one that was just resolved recently after a forceful protest on Monday is among the many other issues the school is yet to solve.

The president of the student union of government of Otuoke Federal University who is the number one voice of the student also joined in the protest on Monday as the matter is beyond them.

The management of the school has refused to make their thought comfortable enough for the students as each and everyday problem continue to arise in the school.

  Although, a few other student has come out to say that enough is enough and they are airing out their opinion peacefully like they did on Monday.

The quick adherence by the school management proves that there were some corrupt pratice going which led to the sudeen shortdown of the school course portal.

Whatever could have caused this was not mean’t to be and the Federal government still needs to act more on this case they are to make sure that it does not get buried under the carpet without the offender being purnished.

Many cases like are comonly found in most Federal schools it is high time that this is stopped as this getting to affect the studies of most student.


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