NECO release 2021 examination results

NECO releases 2021 examination results


The National Examination Council registrar Professor Datani Ibrahim Wushishi has finally announced the release of the 2021 Neco result, which commenced on the 5th of July 2021.

In Niger state on the 29th of October 2021, Professor Wushishi explicitly declared the results. Students who wrote the examination can go to the internet or use their cards to check their results.


The National Examination Council announced on  Friday the release of the results of the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination, which was conducted nationwide in July.


The percentage of candidates who did very well at the Neco 2021 result is just about 71.64%. This performance, including Mathematics and English language, was the total percentage of passes for the Neco result 2021.


The NECO Registrar, Dantali Wushishi, made this known while addressing reporters in Minna.


He also said that out of 1,233,631 candidates who attempted to write the 2021 Neco exams, only 1,226,631 sat for the examination.


Wushishi further explains that 945,853 made five credits and above, including English Language and Mathematics, while 1,094,291candidates did also get five credits and above irrespective of English Language and Mathematics.


He made it clear that the total number of students who made it up to five credits, including English language and Mathematics, was 878,925, which equals 71.64%.


This percentage score compared to 2020 SSCE internal figures of 894,101 decreased in percent of 2.2


He further explained that the number of candidates who made five credits and above irrespective of English language and Mathematics was 1,226,796, representing 94.04 percent.


Wushishi made a statement that stated that candidates who were involved in various forms of malpractices in 2021 were 20,003, representing 1.63 percent, while in 2020, 33,470 candidates were the number of malpractice students with a percentage of 2.63 percent.


Wushishi claimed that the council in this year 2021 had ensured zero tolerance for examination malpractices. He also went ahead to say that they were standards that were maintained right from the very start of the NECO planning till the results were released.


The registrar said that the rate of malpractices in the year 2021 was less because the members of the governing board and management did their job.


He has openly come out to say that candidates can now check their results on the NECO website


The National Examinations Council (NECO) is an examination body in Nigeria that conducts Examinations for the Senior Secondary students for higher secondary students in June/July and December/January. It


The Registrar makes painful remarks concerning the depths of eight northern states

The registrar of the  National Examination Council, Prof. Dantani Wushishi, said that eight northern states owe the examination council the sum of 1.8 billion nairas.


He has also not hidden the names of this state as he openly calls them one after another, ‘’Zamfara, Adamawa, Kano, Gombe, Borno, and Niger state governments owe the examination body N1.8 billion debt for the students they registered in 2019.”


Wushishi has appealed to the state governors of six Northern states in Nigeria to meet their obligations by settling their debts. This will enable Neco to do some of its other pending responsibilities.


He also claims that the results of these eight northern states he mentioned were not withheld despite the debt and destruction of the mutual respect and understanding cost by this state’s debts. He noted that there has been a dialogue between the council and states to amicably resolve this issue before it causes harm to the body.


Council staffs complain of their low stipends pay

There might be a cause to say that the next marking system of Neco in the next year’s 2022 examination results will be evil as the staff who scored the result for 2021 complains bitterly about the stipends given to them.


Currently, based on the report been heard of, teachers and staff are complaining that they are still yet to receive their payment for the marking of the result of the Neco 2021 candidates


Mrs. Kudi Ahmed, one of the Neco examiners for 2021 who scored mathematics, is complaining that she has marked 1000 scripts for which she is supposed to get paid N16,000, but she has still not yet been paid.


She made a statement like, “They pay N16 per script; I had to lobby to get 1,000 scripts so that I can get N16,000, and even at that, NECO has refused to pay us.


Ok, let’s reflect on a story


The sad remarks by staff who marked the Neco 2021 results are not encouraging at all, as this might lead to a strike and a complete malfunction of the examination body in the coming year 2022.


A brief story of Neco 2021 exams

In Lagos, a boy who sat for the Neco exams 2021 has shared his experience.


He started by saying that the exams were a tough one and that they were barely any chances for examination malpractice, which he specifically called “EXPO!” he said they were several attempts by fellow candidates to indulge in the act of malpractice. Still, they were caught and disgraced by tearing the exam scripts of those offenders.


The boy who did not make his name known also said that this was his first Neco exam. He was so touched when another candidate had to be sent back home because they practiced examination malpractices during the examination.


The young boy hopes to get the best of scores on his result. He openly said despite all, he did not partake in any form of malpractice, e. He never was spotted out by any of the examiners of lousy behavior throughout the examination.


This boys story is quite interesting as he is wished the best of luck on his result for 2021



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