Apply for Conditional Cash Transfer in Nigeria | CCT USSD Codes for All States

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Empowering Nigerians Through the CCT USSD Code Program

Ever wondered how the Nigerian government aims to tackle poverty and unemployment?

One of their effective methods is through the Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) program.

This initiative aims to offer assistance to those in dire need, making their lives a little bit easier.

But how do you know if you’re eligible? And how do you apply? Let’s dive in.

Federal Cash Transfer Program Eligibility: Are You Qualified?

Before delving into the prospects of financial support, it’s essential to clarify if you fit the bill for such benefits.

The U.S. Federal Government has established definitive standards for potential recipients.

Main Criteria for the Federal Cash Transfer Program

  • No Banking Experience: This refers to individuals who have never interacted with a banking institution or used its services.
  • Tech Laggards: These are folks who remain untouched by the technological revolution. They neither possess advanced gadgets like smartphones nor maintain any presence on social media networks.
  • Educationally Left Behind: Highlighting those who unfortunately didn’t receive their share of formal education.
  • Facing Economic Hurdles: This is centered around people who are grappling with financial duress and find it hard to make ends meet.

In essence, if these descriptors align with your situation or that of someone you’re acquainted with, chances are you might be eligible for the Federal Cash Transfer program.

However, it’s always a good practice to review the specific program details or consult with the concerned officials for a thorough understanding.

Registration Process

Unlike most other programs, you can’t directly apply to the CCT. Instead, it’s a community-centric approach:

1. Initiation

  • Everything begins with the Youth Employment and Social Support Operation(YESSO) taking the first step.

2. Community Engagement

  • Local representatives from YESSO communicate with community heads. There’s then a gathering of the community to identify potential beneficiaries.

3. List Creation

  • Once potential beneficiaries are identified, a list is created and sent to the National Cash Transfer Office (NCTO). This list is also made available publicly for transparency.

4. Digital Enrollment

  • Beneficiaries are then digitally registered, and ID cards are provided.

CCT USSD Codes for All States in Nigeria

Curious about your beneficiary status? Don’t wait in the dark. Use the given CCT USSD Code specific to each state in Nigeria:

  • Akwa Ibom (Ikono LG): *969*197#
  • Bayelsa (Yenagoa): *969*31#
  • Abuja: *969*67#
  • Katsina: *969*77#
  • Adamawa: *969*22#
  • Yobe: *969*12#
  • Maiduguri: *969*10#
  • Jigawa State:
    • Hadejia: *969*240#
    • Malam Madori: *969*236#
    • Kafin Hausa: *969*238#
    • Babura: *969*239#
    • Birniwa: *969*241#
    • Dutse Mazabar Limawa: *969*242#
  • Anambra State:
    • Anambra East: *969*22#
    • Onitsha South: *969*23#
    • Ogbaru: *969*24#
    • Oyi: *969*25#
    • Orumba North: *969*29#
    • Dunukofia: *969*28#
  • Sokoto State:
    • Shagari: *969*244#
    • Kebbe: *969*245#
    • Wamakko: *969*246#
    • Tangaza: *969*248#
    • Bodinga: *969*249#
    • Sabon Birni: *969*250#
    • Dange Shuni: *969*251#
    • Tureta: *969*252#
  • Yobe State: *969*12#

Important Note: These codes help verify your status, not apply to the program.

For More Information

Need more details? Check out the official government website or get in touch with the designated authorities.

The Federal Government’s CCT program is like a helping hand extended to those in desperate need.

By understanding the eligibility criteria and utilizing the CCT USSD Code, you can quickly determine if you or someone close to you is a beneficiary.

It’s initiatives like these that bring hope to many, giving them a chance at a better life.


What is the Conditional Cash Transfer program?

It’s a Nigerian government initiative to help those facing economic hardships.

How do I apply for the CCT program?

You don’t apply directly. Beneficiaries are selected through a community-centric process.

Can I use the CCT USSD Code to apply for the program?

No, these codes only help check if you’re a beneficiary.

Who are the primary targets for this program?

The most economically disadvantaged members of society.

Where can I get more details about the CCT program?

The official government website would be a good start.

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