Are you Unable to Check Your Waec 2021 Result? See Possible Reasons Here

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Some 2020 WAEC candidates have been complaining that they have been unable to check their results. Some have complained that they have not been able to see any of their results while some are complaining that they have seen some subjects but are yet to see others

There are reasons this may be so. Let’s look at possible reasons you may not have seen your results or some of your results.

1. Withheld Results: WAEC has disclosed that the results of 170,146 candidates, representing 10.9 per cent of the total candidates, are currently being withheld in connection with various reported cases of examination malpractice. He said the decision of the appropriate committee will be communicated to the affected candidates through their various schools. If WAEC suspects that you may have been involved in Malpractice, your result will be withheld until WAEC conducts an investigation and it is proven that you were not involved in malpractice.


2. Unprocessed Result: We understand that some subjects are still being cross-checked by “checkers”. Efforts are, however, being made to speedily complete the processing to enable all the affected candidates to get their results. So if your result falls in this category, it will soon be released. We advise that you check back later.


3. Temporal issue: Some candidates may experience issues checking their results on the WAEC portal due to some temporary issues. For instance, if the number of candidates trying to check their results at the same time is quite high, the portal may start having issues. In this case, you just have to wait and check back later.


See various ways to check your results at this link: Check 2021 WAEC May/June SSCE Result


Also, the issue may also be from the browser you are using. So we advise you to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Better still you can go to a Cyber Cafe or Business centre so they help you out just in case the fault is from you.

Will withheld results be ever released?

The straight answer to that is Yes! Though it may not be all the results. If your result is withheld due to a suspected case of malpractice and it is later proven that you were not involved in any malpractice, your result will definitely be released. However, if there is an established case that you were involved in malpractice, your result will never be released but rather will be canceled.


When will withheld results be released? 

There is no specific date. It all depends on how long it takes WAEC to conclude its investigation. The faster they are able to conclude their investigation, the faster the withheld results will be released if they are devoid of any form of malpractice.

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