Ogun state governor speaks on the assault of Teachers

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The governor of Ogun state, His excellency Gov Dapo Abiodun talks to the leaders of the Nigeria union of Teachers (NUT) As well as the Academic Staff Union of Secondary Schools on the security in schools.

On Tuesday, November 2nd 2021 he spoke clearly saying that there will surely be an act upon the safety of most secondary schools.

However, the Commissioner of Education, Science and Technology, Professor Abayomi Arigbabu made a statement while he was in a meeting with some of the leaders of the teachers’ union in Abeokuta. He spoke to them about the serial attacks and assaults that teachers and students of the state are facing.

In the past week, there were about three different cases which were recorded. In the cases there were found hoodlums who were hired and students that went into some secondary school and right there they beat up some teachers.


Arigbabu said openly that the government has started making some moves by meeting with relevant security agencies on modalities of handling such a very dirty act, he added that any student who is caught behaving in an unruly manner will be charged to court and would be prosecuted.

Dapo Abiodun made a speech against the lawless behaviour of this hoodlums and students which have got the mind to beat up teachers as this behaviour act would continue if there are no legal enforcement against them.

His statement goes “I want to assure all teachers in the state that the government will continue to support them maximally. And you are going to be able to do you work very well without any fear as we are pleading with teachers that we are not going to relent in making sure that all their concerns and all that are entitled to are gotten.”

The Commissioner of Education, Arigbabu made emphasises to the fact that the government should remain unshaken in their desire to make a safe environment for teachers, he also says that all matters of concerns by the teachers concerning entitlements would be paid promptly.


In his statement, he said that Ifede urged the teacher to take charge of themselves and act in decency, saying that there would be no tolerance for misbehaviour coming from both the teachers and principals as well.


The response by the NUT Chairman, Comrade Abiodun Akinola and ASUSS counterpart Comrade Akeem Lasisi to what Arigbabu has to say was to appreciate the government for making efforts to tackle this recent unworthy act in schools as they expressed their conviction towards the action that government has taken concerning this ugly activity.


Both the NUT and ASUSS are calling for a review of some of the policies for education in Nigeria and the disciplinary matters, as they also went ahead to plead with teacher, principals, head teachers and parents association to try and comply with the rules given as they also as a union are set to their part in making sure they do not act against the policies given for the good of everybody in education sector.


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