15 International Engineering Scholarships in UK

15 International Engineering Scholarships in UK: Will you want to study in UK for free? are you an engineering student looking for a way to finance your study abroad dreams? well, this article is for you.

Owing to the fact that, UK houses some of the best engineering schools in the world.

Nonetheless, Studying in the United Kingdom as an engineering student can be quite expensive for international students from middle and low-income countries.

It is therefore necessary that most of these UK students seek and receive an engineering scholarship in order to meet the financial obligation to enroll in the chosen discipline.

These engineering scholarships can take the form of full-ride scholarships as well as partial scholarships for international students who want to study abroad.

The following compilation by edu.coolval.com is a list of the best UK engineering scholarships available to international students in 2022. Before listing these scholarships…

Who Deserves an Engineering Scholarship in the UK?

UK engineering student scholarships are available to all deserving students. With some scholarships, only students with exceptional academic achievements can benefit, with others scholarships are awarded to students who apply regardless of their proof of study.

In fact, engineering scholarships are specifically aimed at all engineering students who have the ambition but don’t have the resources.

While each of these scholarship providers clearly states their eligibility criteria, it is in your best interest to verify your eligibility before applying for the scholarship.

Interestingly, if you read this article to the end, there is a scholarship for you. The one you need to meet the eligibility criteria. So all you have to do is apply immediately and begin your college trip.

Why Apply for an Engineering scholarship in the UK?

The UK offers quality education in a very supportive and friendly learning environment. Most engineering schools in the UK have very low teacher-to-student ratios.

This allows students to interact seamlessly with faculty members. Having received the best education, UK school graduates experience a deluge of job opportunities upon graduation. Statistics show that most of them make a lot of money in the early years of their careers.

However, this quality of education and learning experience does not come cheap. International students are more likely to be recipients of the financial tangle of studying in the UK.

In addition to paying the tuition fees, the students take care of their daily logistics. Because engineering is such a hands-on course, it may take more money to complete this hands-on engineering work.

Therefore, undergraduate and graduate students in the UK need financial assistance to pay the high fees associated with a quality engineering education.

What are the best UK engineering scholarships?

This selection of the UK’s best engineering scholarships took into account:

In this compilation, the amount of the scholarship holders was taken into account. Fully Funded Scholarships refer to engineering student scholarships that cover all expenses.

This includes tuition, recurring fees, housing, and living expenses. Obviously, this type of engineering scholarship will be high on the list.

The higher the number of engineering fellowship recipients in the UK, the better the position. In short, engineering scholarships that only award one student per year may not be among our top engineering scholarships. However, this depends on the total value of the scholarship.

UK scholarships for engineering students who have to meet very strict and very demanding admission criteria may occupy lower positions in this ranking. However, this depends on the value of the scholarship and the total number of scholarship holders.

#1. Institution of Mechanical Engineers Awards and Scholarships

This scholarship is available to engineering students in the UK with excellent academic credentials. The scholarship offers up to £ 9,000 for Masters’s students and £ 2,000 per year for up to four years of undergraduate studies.

The scholarship is open to all UK students who start studying mechanical engineering by the fall. There are several Institution of Mechanical Engineers scholarships, including the IMechE Undergraduate Scholarship, the First Year Undergraduate Scholarship, and the Whitworth Scholarship.


#2. Quest Scholarships

These scholarships offer up to 7 years scholarships for students enrolled in the first year of a JBM accredited full-time civil engineering degree in the UK.

The scholarship is valued at £ 8,000 plus an early link with potential employers.

There are several of these scholarships, ranging from the Undergraduate Scholarship, Technician Scholarship, Eloise Plunkett Award, Travel Award, Kenneth Watson Travel Award, and Continuing Education Award.


#3. British Chevening Scholarships

Chevening is UK Government Scholarships that enable aspiring business leaders to study in the UK regardless of where they work.

The Chevening Scholarships are awarded to outstanding students with great leadership potential to pursue a postgraduate degree (Masters) at a university in the UK. Applicants seeking an engineering scholarship in the UK can apply for the Chevening Scholarship.


#4. Royal Academy of Engineering Awards

The Royal Academy of Engineering strives to improve the pool of technical skills and to provide adequate funding and support for students to continue their educational progress and development.

These awards include the Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship Program, Technical Leadership Scholarships, Sainsbury Management Scholarships, Lord Bhattacharyya Graduate Scholarships, and the Engineering Graduate Engagement Program.


#5. Arkwright Engineering Scholarships

The Arkwright Scholarships provide assistance to students who have enrolled for their Scottish Baccalaureate or its equivalent.

Applicants must demonstrate a strong desire to pursue a leadership path within the engineering profession in order to be eligible for the award.

However, students from Arkwright partner schools are eligible for this scholarship.


Engineering Scholarships in UK
Engineer working with circuits. A woman engineer solders circuits sitting at a table. Microchip production factory. Assembling the PCB board. Girl repairing electronic device on the circuit board.

#6. Engineers’ trust

The trusts support education through organizations that have programs in place and can provide up to £ 2,000 for students entering their Sixth Form studies as a direct lead to higher engineering studies.


#7. Ford Scholarship Program

Ford provides up to £ 10,000 per student over a three year period for 100 students in a selection of engineering, manufacturing, technology, and science courses at leading UK universities such as Bath, Bradford, Cardiff, Imperial College London, Brunel, East Anglia, Loughborough, Nottingham, Southampton, Strathclyde, Surrey, and Warwick.


#8. IET Postdoctoral Research Awards

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) awards multiple awards of up to £ 10,000 to students for their postgraduate research activities. Interested applicants should note that all awards recognize excellence and are awarded on a competitive basis.

Awards include the IET Graduate Award, Leslie H. Paddle Fellowship, Hudswell International Fellowship, IET Graduate Fellowship for Outstanding Investigator.


#9. International Engineering Management Scholarships

The scholarship is domiciled at the University of Manchester and is aimed at students who wish to study Project Management in Engineering.

It is specifically aimed at postgraduate courses and offers two full grants of £ 27,000 and four grants of £ 10,000 in the form of a tuition waiver.


#10. Whitworth Scholarship

Engineering apprentices aiming for a university degree are the main target audience for the Whitworth Award. It is open to students who want to take an undergraduate degree (e.g. MEng) or a one-year postgraduate degree (e.g. MSc).

The program is also one of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering’s many scholarship programs.

Whitworth scholars will enjoy some or all of the following benefits

  • Full time study scholarships worth £9,000 a year for up to four years.
  • Part time study scholarships worth up to £2,800 per year.
  • 9,000 a year for students working towards a one year MSc
  • 2,725 a year for students on a part time MSc (usually two years).


University Funded Engineering Scholarships in UK:

#11. Imperial College London Scholarships in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Imperial College Electrical and Electronics Scholarships are highly competitive, covering full tuition waivers and offering scholarships for conferences and travel.

The scholarship is primarily aimed at Ph.D. students enrolled in full-time study at Imperial College London.


#12. The Siemens Postgraduate Engineering Award

Siemens, a global industry leader in partnership with the University of Lincoln, UK, aims to nurture the next generation of talented engineers with its Postgraduate Engineering Award, which offers successful candidates a full education leading to a one-year master’s degree in mechanical engineering. Engineering Management, or the one-year MSc in Research Engineering. It is one of the most coveted engineering scholarships in the UK.


#13. Cambridge University Engineering Scholarships

The University of Cambridge is known for offering a range of engineering scholarships to international students that give successful applicants the opportunity to research and study in a world-renowned institution with state-of-the-art facilities to improve research.

Some engineering scholarships support masters and graduate degrees and offer scholars full tuition and monthly scholarships.


#14. Heriot Watt University Scholarships

Heriot-Watt University is known for supporting women in science, technology, engineering, and math. The university has launched the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) scholarship for girls pursuing careers in engineering and science.


#15. University of Strathclyde Engineering Excellence Scholarship

The University of Strathclyde offers scholarships through the Faculty of Engineering to new, self-funded, international (non-EU) paying students with excellent academic qualifications who are applying to study engineering at the university.


15 International Engineering Scholarships in UK FAQS

How can I increase my chances of getting a scholarship?

To increase your chances of getting a scholarship, you should do the following:
1. Apply to as many scholarships as possible once you are eligible
2. While applying for a scholarship, answer all questions
3. Get involved with community services and leadership roles
4. Get tips on how to win a scholarship
5, Always send in applications before deadlines.

How much does it cost for University in UK?

For English students in the UK, tuition may be as high as £9,250 (~US$13,050) per year while international undergraduate tuition fees start around £10,000 (~US$14,130).

How can I get scholarship for engineering in UK?

To get a scholarship for engineering in UK, you must first find out if you are eligible to apply. Simply visit the UK Council for International Student Affairs as an international student to get started.

15 International Engineering Scholarships in UK Conclusion

So many dreams are buried every year because students lack the financial strength to make them come true. The UK Government and other well-meaning UK citizens understand the plight of some students. Therefore, they offer students financial support to reduce study costs.

Some of these scholarships are available to all students. However, this article is a compilation of all the scholarships available for engineering students in the UK.

It just means that UK Engineering Scholarships are for international students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate programs in the College of Engineering accredited schools.

While some of these are departmental, others are available to all engineering students and apprentices in the UK.

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