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We have compiled a total of 195 questions from The Life Changer JAMB 2024 novel by Khadija Abubakar Jalli for you to practice, also all the 195 questions have options A to D for you to choose from.

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Kindly note that the correct answers to the below questions are listed at the bottom of this article, you can kindly scroll to the bottom to crosscheck if the option you choose is the correct one.

Table of Contents


1. Who was fond of teasing Omar?
A. His mum
B. Bint
C. Teemah
D. Jamila

2. Who was narrating their encounter with their teacher?
A. Teemah
B. Omar
C. Bint D Jamila

3. Omar insisted that his sisters should begin to call him
A. Omar Esquire
B. Big Bros
C. Lawyer Omar
D. My Learned Brother

4. How old was Bint?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 18
D. 20

5. Omar was offered admission into which of these schools?
A. Ahmadu Bello University
B. University of Lagos
C. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University
D. University of Ibadan

6. How old was Omar?
A. 4
B. 5
C. 18
D. 20

7. Omar was offered admission to study
A. Accounting
B. Education
C. Theatre Arts
D. Law

8. Why did their mother eavesdrop on them?
A. Because they were crying
B. Because they were praying
C. Because they were murmuring
D. Because they were laughing

9. Who was Omar’s favourite sibling?
A. Teemah
B. Jamila
C. Bint
D. None of them

10. Omar almost got angry when
A. Bint didn’t call him the name he wanted
B. Jamila called him Esquire
C. Teemah teased him about his result
D. Teemah refused to bring the Zobo

11. Which subject did the teacher in Bint’s story teach?
A. Social Studies
B. English
C. French
D. basic Science

12. Which arrangement is correct from the eldest to the youngest?
A. Omar, Teemah, Bint, Jamila.
B. Teemah, Omar, Jamila, Bint.
C. Bint, Jamila, Teemah, Omar.
D. Omar, Teemah, Jamila, Bint.

13. Bint was in ________ school.
A. Nursery
B. Primary
C. Secondary
D. Tertiary

14. “Ummi” translates
A. mama
B. mummy
C. my mother
D. mum

15. Under which tree did they all go out to sit when the room got hot?
A. An orange tree
B. A cashew
C. A coconut tree
D. A mango tree

16. How long has it been since they last had light?
A. 1 day
B. 2 days
C. 3 days
D. 4 days

17. “Au Revoir” means
A. Goodbye
B. Good morning
C. Welcome
D, That’s very good

18. What name does Teemah call her mother?
A. Mum
B. Ummi
C. Mama
D. Mummy

19. Mallam Salihu was
A. the French mistress
B. the Social Studies teacher
C. Bint’s mother
D. Bint’s father

20. How many years ago was
Ummi’s University’s story?
A. 5
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20

21. Around what time did Ummi start going home after her registration?
A. 4:00 PM
B. 4:30 AM
C. 4:00 AM
D. 4:30 PM

22. On what condition did Ummi’s father agree to her University admission?
A. That she must graduate with first class
B. That she must not get pregnant while in school
C. That she must marry before her graduation
D. That she must not convert to Christianity

23. “Keke Napep” is a
A. bicycle
B. tricycle
C. motorcycle
D. bus

24. When did Ummi get married?
A. Before her graduation
B. Before her registration
C. After her registration
D. After her graduation

25. The HOD was being too nice and friendly with Ummi because
A. she was beautiful
B. he wanted to ask her out
C. she was seducing him
D. he knew her husband

26. What was the first thing that Ummi noticed upon entering the University.
A. The carefree attitude of everyone
B. The difficulty in differentiating a teacher from a student
C. The lack of school uniforms
D. The number of young lecturers

27. Why was Ummi not sure if she would be able to face the HOD again?
A. Because of the toilet embarrassment
B. Because she had gotten her Matric. Number
C. Because he asked her
D. Because she refused to date him

28. What dress code would Omar wear at the University?
A. black shirt, white trousers
B. white shirt, black trousers
C. any of the above
D. none of the above

29. Why did Ummi lie to the HOD that she was pressed?
A. She wanted to use his toilet
B. She wanted an excuse to leave his office
C. She wanted to spend some time alone
D. She wanted to surprise him

30. Ummi described the way girls in the University dressed as
A. completely naked
B. well covered
C. leaving a lot to the imagination
D. leaving little to the imagination

31. Why didn’t Ummi tell the HOD that she was married?
A. The HOD didn’t ask
B. She didn’t want the HOD to know
C. The HOD already knew
D. She wanted to date the HOD

32. What was Salma’s full name?
A. Salma Abubakar
B. Salma Johnson
C. Salma Ahmad
D. Salma Mohammed

33. The full meaning of HOD is
A. Highest Office Duty
B. Head of Department
C. Highest of Division
D. Head Office Department

34. Ummi’s surname was
A. Abubakar
B. Johnson
C. Ahmad
D. Mohammed

35. What was the name of the HOD?
A. Samuel Jackson
B. Samuel Johnson
C. Samuel Jameson
D. Samuel Jefferson

36. Whom did Salma compare the University lecturers to?
A. soldiers
B. drivers
C. police
D. thieves

37. According to Salma, moves mountains.
A. faith
B. power
C. authority
D. money

38. The HOD was from ______ tribe.
A. Yoruba
B. Igala
C. Hausa
D. Igbo

39. Who was in the Screening Office all the while that Salma grumbled?
A. The lecturer
B. The screening officer
C. The cleaner
D. Nobody

40. In the HOD’s office, why didn’t Ummi sit down until she was asked to?
A. Because she was pressed
B. Because she was angry with the HOD
C. Because she had manners
D. Because there were no seats

41. Why was Salma grumbling?
A. Because she was last on the queue
B. Because that was not her first University
C. Because she was hungry
D. Because she thought the lecturer was delaying

42. Pick Ummi’s correct Matric. Number
A. UG001
B. UG01
C. UG0001
D. UG00001

43. When Salma knew that the young man he had spoken to was the Screening Officer, she
A. felt ashamed and left
B. felt ashamed and shook
C. begged for forgiveness
D. kept on grumbling

45. Who asked for the story about “the quiet one”?
A. Bint
B. Omar
C. Teemah
D. Jamila

46. The full meaning of “EMAL” is
A. Email
B. Electronic Malfunction
C. Exam Malpractice
D. Exam hall

44. Why did Ummi go to the HOD’s office?
A. She wanted the HOD to ask her out
B. She was pressed and wanted to ease herself
C. Because the HOD was her husband’s friend
D. Because she wanted to get her Matric. Number

47. According to Ummi, the story of Talle was more relevant to Omar because
A. he was leaving for the city
B. he was a boy
C. they both looked alike
D. Omar was also quiet

48. The kidnapped young boy in Talle’s house was no more than _______ years old.
A. 13
B. 14
C. 15
D. 16

49. Who was the District Head of the village?
A. Lafayette
B. Hakimi
C. Talle
D. Zaki

50. “IPO” stands for
A. Independent Police Officer
B. International Police Officer
C. Investigating Police Officer
D. Important Police Officer

51. Why were no strangers given accommodation in Lafayette without the approval of the District Head?
A. To make the District organized
B. To keep the District Head in power
C. To show respect to the District Head
D. To make sure no criminal is harbored by mistake

52. Zaki was
A. Hakimi’s courtier
B. Ummi’s husband
C. A police officer
D. Talle’s friend

53. ________was not one of the circumstances around Talle’s birth
A. His mother died after his birth
B. His parents had been childless
C. He was a premature baby
D. His parents consulted a native doctor to conceive him

54. ________ was not one of the charges filed against Talle.
A. Armed robbery
B. Murder
C. Kidnapping
D. Extortion

55. What is the meaning of “Boka”
A. a native doctor
B. a medical doctor
C. an eatery
D. a pastor

56. Why did Talle run into the Hakimi’s house when he heard the police siren?
A. He didn’t want to be seen
B. He thought the house was under attack
C. He hated sirens
D. because everybody else ran

57. Talle earn the title of “The quiet one” because
A. he was mean
B. he told everyone to call him that
C. he had a silent character
D. he was deaf and dumb

58. What brought the Police to the District Head’s house?
A. They came for Hakimi
B. They came for Zaki
C. They came for Ummi
D. They came for Talle

59. Why was he named “Talle”
A. because his father died after his birth
B. because of the traditional medicine man
C. because he was the quiet one
D. because his mother died after his birth

60. What was the main reason why Talle doubled the amount of foodstuffs he bought?
A. To show that he now has money
B. To feed the boy he abducted
C. To stock his house for future purposes
D. To feed his dying father

61. What killed Talle’s father?
A. a car accident
B. a heart attack
C. old age
D. food poison

62. Talle worked as a
A. secretary
B. driver
C. personal assistant
D. barman

63. Around what age did Talle become an orphan?
A. from birth
B. 10 years
C. 15 years
D. 20 years

64. Talle worked every day from ____ to ____
A. 8 pm, 4 am
B. 4 am, 8 pm
C. 8 pm, 4 pm
D. 8 am, 4 pm

65. Where did Talle work?
A. in Hakimi’s house
B. at the Local Government
C. at the District Head office
D. in a hotel

66. Tomiwa came from _____ State.
A. Osun
B. Ogun
C. Oyo
D. Ondo

67. Who was the 100Level Coordinator?
A. Dr. SamJohn
B. Mr. Salihu
C. Dr. Dabo
D. The HOD

68. Who was in the car that offered Salma a ride?
A. Salihu and Habib
B. Habib and Labaran
C. Labaran and Salihu
D. Salihu and Dabo

69 “Don’t come in after me.” Whose rule was that?
A. Salma’s
B. SamJohn’s
C. Dabo’s
D. The HOD’s

70. Ada insisted that people called _____ her place of birth.
A. the East
B. the West
C. Middle Belt
D. Benue

71. ______ was the most common factor that strengthened the friendship between Salma and her roommates.
A. Food
B. Religion
C. Fashion
D. Music

72. Who were the Muslims in Salma’s room?
A. Tomiwa and Ada
B. Salma only
C. Tomiwa only
D. Salma and Tomiwa

73. Dr. Dabo had been at the university for more than ______ years.
A. 20
B. 15
C. 10
D. 5

74. What part of the country was Salma from?
A. East
B. North
C. West
D. Middle

75. Which car offered Salma a ride back to school?
A. a black BMW
B. a white Benz
C. a black Benz
D. a white BMW

76. Which one of Salma’s roommates was very generous?
A. Ada
B. Ngozi
C. Tomiwa
D. None of them

77. Ngozi was from
A. Imo
B. Oyo
C. Middle Belt
D. Benue

78. What had Salma heard about Dr. Dabo?
A. That he was lazy
B. That he was a womanizer
C. That he had his way with female students
D. That he was disciplined

79. Among Salma’s roommates, was the most brilliant.
A. Ada
B. Salma herself
C. Ngozi
D. Tomiwa

80. What did Dr. Dabo do when Salma left his office?
A. He chased after her
B. He prayed for forgiveness
C. He rained curses on her
D. He defended his actions

81. What was a delicacy of Salma’s people?
A. Rats
B. Snails
C. Danwake
D. Eba

82. Rats were the delicacy of _____ people
A. Ada’s
B. Tomiwa’s
C. Salma’s
D. Ngozi’s

83. Why exactly didn’t Salma want to stay in the room at first?
A. she hated her roommates
B. she hated the room
C. she hated the hostel
D. she hated all the students

84. How did Salma react to Dr. Dabo’s advances?
A. She was happy about it
B. She insulted him
C. She was confused
D. She ignored him

85. Which hostel did Salma get?
A. Queen Amina Hall
B. Queen Latifah Hall
C. Makama Bida Hall
D. Moremi Hall

86. Why had no boy attempted to go out with Tomiwa?
A. She was not attractive
B. She was too shy
C. She was too confident
D. She was too beautiful

87. What did Bint whisper into Omar’s ear?
A. That she didn’t see the connection between Salma’s relationship and her expulsion
B. That she was jealous of Tomiwa too
C. That she wanted more Zobo
D. That Teemah was sleeping

88. Who was Habib?
A. a driver
B. a politician
C. a lecturer
D. a student

89. “CGPA” stands for
A. Cumulative Grade Per Average
B. Cumulative Grade Plus Average
C. Cumulative Grade Point Average
D. Cumulative Grade Post Average

90. Which grade were the four girls certain of graduating with?
A. First Class
B. Second Class Upper
C. Second Class Lower
D. Third Class

91. Labaran was a
A. driver
B. politician
C. lecturer
D. student

92. Why did Salma quarrel with Tomiwa and her roommates?
A. because of Habib
B. Because of food
C. Because of Labaran
D. Because of religion

93. Habib thought he was speaking with ______ on the phone.
A. Tomiwa
B. Salma
C. Ngozi
D. Ada

94. Why do students often lock their doors and switch off the lights before eating?
A. They love eating in the dark
B. To keep the aroma of the food from going out
C. To keep off those students that like to eat from others
D. To keep flies off the food

95. What first made Habib suspect that Tomiwa was not Salma?
A. Her beauty
B. Her English
C. Her confidence
D. Her shyness

96. How much did Habib give Tomiwa for herself?
A. N100,000
B. N20,000
C. N50,000
D. N10,000

97. In the car, Labaran sat at the backseat because
A. he wanted Tomiwa to seat in front
B. the back was his favourite seat
C. he was the car owner
D. he was the driver

98. Whose number did Salma give Habib instead of hers?
A. Ummi’s
B. Ngozi’s
C. Tomiwa’s
D. Ada’s

99. _______ is not one of the reasons why Tomiwa hated politicians.
A. She thinks they are the solution
B. She thinks they are the problem
C. They lie a lot
D. Nobody knows where they stand

100. Why did Tomiwa ask Labaran to sit in the front instead?
A. She feared that Labaran might be a killer
B. She hated sitting beside Habib
C. She disliked front seats
D. She liked Labaran

101. How did Tomiwa know that Habib was a politician?
A. She saw his ID card
B. She read about him on Google
C. Labaran called him Honourable
D. Salma told her

102. According to Ummi, Teemah was hardly moving because
A. She was paralyzed
B. Ummi instructed her not to move
C. The story engrossed him
D. She was sleeping

103. Kolawole was expelled because implicated him
A. the security man
B. Salma
C. the invigilator
D. the HOD

104. One of these is not why Ummi considered Moral Philosophy as a walkover.
A. The course has been done before
B. Imams taught it in Mosques
C. It was preached in Churches
D. It was part of what parents taught their children

105. What punishment was given to Salma for EMAL?
A. She was expelled
B. She was cautioned
C. She was given a carryover
D. She escaped the punishment

106. The past questions for Moral Philosophy have been repeated for years.
A. 7
B. 5
C. 3
D. 2

107. According to everyone, the new HOD was
A. a benevolent man
B. a wicked woman
C. a benevolent woman
D. a wicked man

108. Why was Salma overdressed on the day of her final paper?
A. She wanted to seduce the invigilators
B. She was going for a date after the exam
C. She wanted to look good in their final year pictures
D. It was her birthday

109. Who persuaded Salma to sign the EMAL form?
A. the security man
B. the invigilator
C. the HOD
D. Kolawole

110. Students were required to be at the hall ______ minutes before the exam.
A. 10
B. 20
C. 30
D. 40

111. What did students call “Cheat Notes”?
A. Notes of Salvation
B. Notes of Confession
C. Notes of Concentration
D. Notes of Deliverance

112. Why didn’t Salma know the answer to any of the questions?
A. Because she did not read at all
B. Because she read only past questions
C. Because she read only the textbook
D. Because she trusted Kolawole for answers

113. The invigilator suspected Salma because
A. she saw Salma collecting the expo
B. Salma was not writing before
C. Kolawole was monitoring her
D. Salma was monitoring her

114. ______ was Kolawole’s full name.
A. Kolawole Hakeem
B. Kolawole Dayo
C. Kolawole Ahmad
D. Kolawole Abdul

115. Why do most students caught for EMAL simply leave the school instead of facing the Committee?
A. Because most Universities tolerate malpractices
B. Because the students already know their fate
C. Because the students have been offered admission into another school
D. Because their parents asked them to come home

116. What did the Committee want to know about Kolawole?
A. If he was a student
B. If he collected money from her
C. If he was dating her
D. If he had slept with her

17. Salma consulted _______ to help her
A. Labaran
B. Tomiwa
C. Habib
D. Dabo

118. What made Salma cry when she faced the Committee?
A. Because she was expelled
B. Because she mentioned
Kolawole’s name by mistake
C. Because Dr. Kabir and the man who introduced her to him were not there
D. Because she saw Professor Dabo

119. Habib was a
A. Governor
B. Deputy Governor
C. President
D. Speaker of the House

120. _______ was the man who posed as the EXEC Chairman.
A. Dr. Sabo
B. Dr. SamJohn
C. Dr. Kabir
D. Dr. Abdul

121. What did Tomiwa think that Salma meant by “…someone higher up”?
A. The President of the Country
B. The Chairman of the Committee
C. The Vice-Chancellor
D. The Governor of the State

122. How much did Salma offer to escape the punishment of EMAL?
A. N100,000
B. N200,000
C. N300,000
D. N400,000

123. Who did Habib know that could have assisted Salma?
A. Dr. SamJohn
B. Prof. Sabo
C. The V.C
D. The Committee Chairman

124. The full meaning of “LT” is
A. Library Technician
B. Laboratory Technician
C. Library Technologist
D. Laboratory Technologist

125. What did Teemah tease that Omar would do with his new phone?
A. Yahoo Yahoo
B. Exam malpractice
C. To chase after girls
D. To play games

126. Kabir was a/an ______ person.
A. annoying
B. proud
C. friendly
D. quiet

127. _______ is not one of the reasons why Muslims bury their dead ones faster than Christians.
A. To avoid delaying the soul from meeting its Creator
B. To save the bereaved from prolonged grief
C. To discourage others from seeing the corpse
D. To prevent the corpse from decaying

128. What does “…lose it to the cards” mean?
A. lose it to recharge cards
B. lose it to armed robbers
C. lose it in a cars
D. lose it to gambling

129. What made Omar conclude that there was no justice on earth?
A. Because Habib went unpunished
B. Because Labaran went unpunished
C. Because Zaki went unpunished
D. Because Talle went unpunished

130. According to Ummi, why was Kabir always happy?
A. Because he wanted everyone to like him
B. because he was rich
C. Because he was in love with Salma
D. Because he wanted to cover his sadness

131. ____ was not one of the reasons why Labaran did not give Habib back the money from Kabir.
A. Habib was rich and does not need the money
B. Habib slept with Salma for the money
C. Habib told him not to return the money
D. Habib wouldn’t expect Kabir to still have the money on him

132. Who did Labaran send to get back the money from Kabir?
A. Gumuzu
B. Talle
C. Zaki
D. Kartagi

133. ______ was the name of the thug that was sent after Kabir from the Gambling house.
A. Gumuzu
B. Talle
C. Zaki
D. Kartagi

134. _______ was not one of the reasons why Habib was uncomfortable with using Zaki again.
A. Zaki made him spend over a million naira
B. Zaki had exposed him before
C. Zaki almost exposed him before
D. Zaki was unprofessional

135. Why did the gambling leader send a thug after Kabir?
A. Because he left after winning while the game was still on
B. Because he left after losing while the game was still on
C. Because he insulted the gambling leader
D. Because he duped Salma

136. How did the Police force Talle never to set foot in Lafayette again?
A. They threatened to reopen the kidnapping case against him
B. They threatened to tell Hakimi
C. They begged and bribed him
D. They gave him a drug that made him forget his village

137. Who was the leader of the gambling group?
A. Hakimi
B. Labaran
C. Kartagi
D. Zaki

138. Apart from the criminal life, Zaki was also a
A. successful farmer
B. spare parts dealer
C. government driver
D. chronic gambler

139. How much did Kabir have on him when he left the gambling joint?
A. N50,000
B. Less than N50,000
C. N300,000
D. More than N300,000

140. Who sang the song: “The Gambler”?
A. Kelly Rowland
B. Kelly Rogers
C. Kenny Rowland
D. Kenny Rogers

141. How much did Kabir come to gamble with?
A. N50,000
B. Less than N50,000
C. N300,000
D. More than N300,000

142. Which brand of phone did Salim buy?
A. Infinix
B. Tecno
C. iPhone
D. Samsung

143. Why did Ummi conclude that they should all tell Daddy about Omar’s admission together?
A. So that it will be very loud
B. So that their Dad would be scared
C. So that their Dad would be excited and get them anything
D. So that their Dad would not be annoyed

144. was Salim’s friend.
A. Because someone else used her picture on their online profile
B. Because she was more beautiful than she appeared online
C. Because she was not as beautiful as she appeared online
D. Because she refused to see Salim during the daytime

145. Why did the carjackers leave Salim’s vehicle at the intersection
A. Because Salim disobeyed them
B. Because they saw a Policeman
C. Because they were afraid
D. Because they had other plans

146. Why was Salim disappointed after seeing his online girl in real life?
A. Because someone else used her picture on their online profile
B. Because she was more beautiful than she appeared online
C. Because she was not as beautiful as she appeared online
D. Because she refused to see Salim during the daytime

147. The carjackers were unable to start Salim’s car because
A. the ignition was off
B. the gear was disengaged
C. the ignition was on
D. the gear was engaged

148. What did Lawal say that reminded Salim of the other ordeal that he had had?
A. armed robbery
B. extortion
C. carjacking
D. kidnapping

149. One of the carjackers was _______
A. Talle
B. Zaki
C. Gumuzu
D. Roger

150. ______ was the name of the prostitute in Salim’s story.
A. Salma
B. Amanda
C. Natasha
D. Jamila

151. Why did the “Please, don’t hurt him” make Salim think that the prostitute was part of the conspiracy?
A. Because she said “him” not “me”
B. Because she said “him” not “us”
C. Because she said “Please”
D. Because she said “hurt” not “shoot”

152. “DP” stands for
A. Divisional Police
B. Display Picture
C. Digital Photo
D. District Patrol

153. According to Salim, SUVs are popularly called
A. Danfo
B. Benz
C. Jeep

154. In Nigerian English, what is the meaning of “Military Parking”?
A. Parking the car to face where you came to
B. Parking the car to face where you came from
C. Parking the car to face a cul-de-sac
D. Parking the car with the headlights on

155. The full meaning of “SUV” is
A. Sports Utility Vehicle
B. Sports Utility Van
C. Sports Ultimate Vehicle
D. Sports Ultimate Van

156. The Life Changer was written by
A. Bolaji Abdullahi
B. A.H Mohammed
C. Khadija Abubakar Jalli
D. Ummi Ahmad

157. The Life Changer novel is divided into how many chapters
A. 7
B. 8
C. 9
D. 10

158. What was Tomiwa’s Village food for kings?
A. Rats
B. Danwake
C. Snails
D. Pounded yam

159. What was Tomiwa’s ambition?
A. To become a dancer
B. To become a cleaner
C. To become a singer
D. None of the above

160. In the novel, it was stated that ______ is the second to English in the ranking of international languages
A. Spanish
B. French
C. Arabic
D. None of the above

161. In the novel, “good morning” in French means
A. Banjour
B. Bonjur
C. Bonjoo
D. Bonjour

162. “And how do you say that’s very good in french?”, who asked this question.
A. The teacher
B. The French Mistress
C. Bint
D. None of the above

163. “Cest tres bien” in English means
A. Goodbye
B. That’s very good
C. Welcome
D. Good morning

164. Bint’s immediate elder sister is
A. Jamila
B. Omar
C. Ummi
D. Teemah

165. Who was the first child in Bint family?
A Jamila
B. Omar
C. Ummi
D. Salihu

166. Who insisted on calling Ummi’s mum?
A. Bint
B. Jamila
C. Mallam Salihu
D. Omar

167. Who is the second child of the family?
A. Bint
B. Jamila
C. Teemah
D. Omar

168. Who was Omar’s immediate younger sister
A. Bint
B. Teemah
C. Jamila
D. None of the above

169. The first daughter in the family is
A. Teemah
B. Bint
C. Jamila
D. Omar

170. Bint Father read
A. Law
B. Accounting
C. Pharmacology
D. None of the above

171. Who promised to upgrade Omar’s touch light phone to a smart android phone
A. Dad
B. Mum
C. His sister’s
D. Mistress

172. While they trooped out and went to the courtyard, white plastic chairs were already there and _______ began dusting them with an old piece of clothing
A. Omar, Bint
B. Bint, Teemah
C. Bint, Jamila
D. Omar, Jamila

173. Ummi community name is called
A. Lafeyette
B. Lafayette
C. Lafayete
D. Layafette

174. Omar scored _______ credits including English and Mathematics at the very first attempt in his WAEC Examination
A. 8
B. 7
C. 5
D. 9

175. Omar scored _______ in his JAMB
A. 230
B. 240
C. 210
D. 250

176. The _______ was The Life Changer for Omar
A. Passing his WAEC result
B. Admission
C. Passing the JAMB
D. None of the above

177. Omar’s mother was a/an
A. Lawyer
B. Accountant
C. Teacher
D. Pharmacist

178. What time does Ummi’s husband usually close from work?
A. 8 pm
B. 5 pm
C. 4 pm
D. 7 pm

179. How many students had the HOD interviewed before he attended to ummi
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. None

180. In my school for just wearing the wrong color of sandals, you would be sent home, _______ said
A. Bint
B. Omar
C. Ummi
D. Teemah

181. Was Ummi wearing her hijab at the HOD office?
A. Yes
B. No
C. I don’t know
D. None of the above

182. Talle was not called the quiet one at birth
A. True
B. False
C. I don’t know
D. None

183. How many police vans came to stop outside the District headgate?
A. 3
B. 2
C. 4
D. 5

184. “Innalillahi wa Inna ilaihir raji’un” said
A. The Hakimi
B. The Courtier
C. The policeman
D. Zaki

185. How many times did Talle faint in the Hakimi residence?
A. Once
B. Twice
C. Three times.
D. He never fainted

186. The boy that was drugged and kidnapped spent _______ week/weeks in Talle’s house before the police came and freed the boy.
A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. None

187. What was the initial price the kidnappers demanded for
A. 200,000
B. 1 million
C. 250,000
D. None

188. The kidnapper’s Ransom price later came down to
A. 250,000
B. 500,000
C. 1.5 million
D. 300,000

189. If he likes, let him trust everybody said
A. Ummi
B. Bint
C. Teemah
D. Jamila

190. What drove Salma out of the University?
A. Exam Malpractice
B. Tested positive for drug abuse
C. Both A and C
D. Looked down at Dr. Dabo

191. Which University do you think Ummi went to?
A. NorthWestern University
B. Ahmadu Bello University
C. Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University
D. Taraba State University

192. Who did Salma become close to in the room all because she was in the know of the latest and craziest fashion outfits?
A. Ada
B. Ngozi
C. Tomiwa
D. None

193. Who would never cook for just herself alone whether her roommates ate or not?
A. Ngozi
B. Ada
C. Salma
D. Tomiwa

194. Who was the new HOD that didn’t even consider pardoning Salma for the Exam malpractice?
A. Prof. SamJohn
B. Prof. Kabir
C. Prof. Dabo
D. Prof. Amina

195. Who was behind the wheel as he changed to drive from Kwangila to Ahmad Bello University?
A. Habib
B. Labaran
C. Salihu
D. None


1. C
2. C
3. D
4. B
5. A
6. C
7. D
8. D
9. C
10. C
11. A
12. D
13. B
14. C
15. D
16. C
17. A
18. D
19. B
20. D
21. A
22. C
23. B
24. B
25. D
26. A
27. A
28. B
29. B
30. D
31. A
32. D
33. B
34. C
35. B
36. C
37. D
38. A
39. C
40. C
41. D
42. C
43. B
44. D
45. B
46. C
47. A
48. A
49. B
50. C
51. D
52. D
53. C
54. B
55. A
56. A
57. C
58. D
59. D
60. B
61. A
62. B
63. D
64. D
65. B
66. C
67. C
68. B
69. C
70. C
71. A
72. D
73. C
74. B
75. C
76. B
77. A
78. D
79. D
80. B
81. C
82. A
83. A
84. B
85. A
86. C
87. A
88. B
89. C
90. B
91. A
92. A
93. B
94. C
95. C
96. B
97. A
98. C
99. A
100. A
101. C
102. C
103. B
104. A
105. A
106. C
107. A
108. C
109. A
110. C
111. A
112. B
113. B
114. D
115. B
116. B
117. C
118. C
119. D
120. C
121. A
122. A
123. B
124. D
125. C
126. C
127. C
128. D
129. A
130. D
131. C
132. C
133. A
134. B
135. A
136. A
137. C
138. B
139. D
140. D
141. B
142. D
143. C
144. B
145. C
146. C
147. D
148. D
149. D
150. C
151. B
152. B
153. C
154. B
155. A
156. C
157. C
158. C
159. C
160. B
161. D
162. C
163. B
164. A
165. B
166. D
167. C
168. B
169. A
170. B
171. A
172. C
173. B
174. B
175. A
176. B
177. C
178. B
179. D
180. A
181. B
182. A
183. A
184. B
185. B
186. A
187. B
188. A
189. C
190. A
191. B
192. C
193. A
194. C
195. B

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