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1. How much did Salma offer to escape the punishment of EMAL?
A. N100,000
B. N200,000
C. N300,000
D. N400,000

2. Who did Habib know that could have assisted Salma?
A. Dr. SamJohn
B. Prof. Sabo
C. The V.C
D. The Committee Chairman

3. The full meaning of “LT” is
A. Library Technician
B. Laboratory Technician
C. Library Technologist
D. Laboratory Technologist

4. What did Teemah teased that Omar would do with his new phone?
A. Yahoo Yahoo
B. Exam malpractice
C. To chase after girls
D. To play games

5. Kabir was a person.
A. annoying
B. proud
C. friendly
D. quiet

6. ___ is not one of the reasons why Muslims bury their dead faster than Christians.
A. To avoid delaying the soul from meeting its Creator
B. To save the bereaved from prolonged grief
C. To discourage others from seeing the corpse
D. To prevent the corpse from decaying

7. What does “…lose it to the cards” mean?
A. lose it to recharge cards
B. lose it to armed robbers
C. lose it in a cars
D. lose it to gambling

8. What made Omar conclude that there was no justice on earth?
A. Because Habib went unpunished
B. Because Labaran went unpunished
C. Because Zaki went unpunished
D. Because Talle went unpunished

9. According to Ummi, why was Kabir always happy?
A. because he wanted everyone to like him
B. because he was rich
C. Because he was in love with Salma
D. Because he wanted to cover his sadness

10. ____ was not one of the reasons why Labaran did not give Habib back the money from Kabir.
A. Habib was rich and does not need the money
B. Habib slept with Salma for the money
C. Habib told him not to return the money
D. Habib wouldn’t expect Kabir to still have the money on him

12. Who did Labaran send to get back the money from Kabir?
A. Gumuzu
B. Talle
C. Zaki
D. Kartagi

13. was the name of the thug that was sent after Kabir from the Gambling house.
A. Gumuzu
B. Talle
C. Zaki
D. Kartagi

14. was not one of the reasons why Habib was uncomfortable with using Zaki again.
A. Zaki made him spend over a million naira
B. Zaki had exposed him before
C. Zaki almost exposed him before
D. Zaki was unprofessional

15. Why did the gambling leader send a thug after Kabir?
A. Because he left after winning while the game was still on
B. Because he left after losing while the game was still on
C. Because he insulted the gambling leader
D. Because he duped Salma

16. How did the Police force Talle never to set foot in Lafayette again?
A. They threatened to reopen the kidnapping case against him
B. They threatened to tell Hakimi
C. They begged and bribed him
D. They gave him a drug that made him forget his village

17. Who was the leader of the gambling group?
A. Hakimi
B. Labaran
C. Kartagi
D. Zaki

18. Apart from the criminal life, Zaki was also a
A. successful farmer
B. spare parts dealer
C. government driver
D. chronic gambler

19. How much did Kabir have on him when he left the gambling joint?
A. N50,000
B. Less than N50,000
C. N300,000
D. More than N300,000

20. Who sang the song: “The Gambler”?
A. Kelly Rowland
B. Kelly Rogers
C. Kenny Rowland
D. Kenny Rogers

21. How much did Kabir come to gamble with?
A. N50,000
B. Less than N50,000
C. N300,000
D. More than N300,000

22. Which brand of phone did Salim buy?
A. Infinix
B. Tecno
C. iPhone
D. Samsung

23. Why did Ummi conclude that they should all tell Daddy about Omar’s admission together?
A. So that it will be very loud
B. So that their Dad would be scared
C. So that their Dad would be excited and get them anything
D. So that their Dad would not be annoyed

24. was Salim’s friend.
A. Because someone else used her picture on their online profile
B. Because she was more beautiful than she appeared online
C. Because she was not as beautiful as she appeared online
D. Because she refused to see Salim during the daytime

25. Why did the carjackers leave Salim’s vehicle at the intersection
A. Because Salim disobeyed them
B. Because they saw a Policeman
C. Because they were afraid
D. Because they had other plans




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