Aminu Saleh COE notice to all students

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The Management has noticed with great concern on the recent change of attitude by some Students that developed the habit of organising unauthorised Social events in the College without the approval of the Management. The situation is seriously alarming and quite disturbing as it causes some irregularities in the campus.


The College strictly adheres to values, equal respect and dignity for every Student. It strives to maintain a friendly and harmonious atmosphere that foster unity amongst Students. The Management is also working hard in ensuring that it provides a conducive environment of teaching and learning through recreational activities that will refresh the minds of the Students such as Annual Football competition, Annual School and Departmental activities, Cultural and Traditional Dances by groups, Graduation Ceremonies as well as other Literary gathering that will enhance and improve the knowledge of the students socially and morally.

Aminu Saleh COE notice to all students

Therefore, Students are to note that the College as a teacher training institution does not recognised or accept any activities introduced by the students such as Mackers-Day, Rag-Day, Hauka-Day etc. This and other related activities is unacceptable and may compel the Management to decisively sanction any student that is found wanting in the violation of the College policy. Students should ensure to display professionalism as future teachers by seeking guidance and approval from the Management on any activities they choose to conduct through Dean of Students Affairs. Therefore, all students are kindly requested to comply with above directives and also advised to desist from engaging in any form of such events as it contradicts relevant portions that established the College as a teacher training institution, please.

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