Fb999 Review: Is fb999.win A Legit Game? [Full Details]

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Fb999.win is a casino gaming and sports website where users can either earn money from playing the casino games available or opt for the lottery games available on the site. If you are looking for a way to earn money or have been invited to fb999 by a friend, consider reading this fb999 review to find out all there is to know about the platform.


In this article, we will be reviewing fb999.win a casino gaming website that claims to have been around since 2020. We will be looking at how to earn money on the platform by playing games, the downsides and the good or positive aspects of fb999 for you to know whether to proceed or not. Without wasting time, let’s get down to the fb999 review.



About Fb999

Fb999 like I stated earlier, is an online earning platform that allows you play games and earn money from doing so. It’s not a free casino gaming website because you have to deposit money before you can be allowed to play games but this is not really new in the world of casinos.


Fb999 can be accessed via two urls which are; fb999.com and fb999.win. it’s not unusual for most of these casino gaming websites to change urls from time to time for reasons best known to them.

Fb999 Games

There are numerous games in various categories on the platform but the one I would advise readers to go for if they wish to play games on the platform are games under original category.



Some of the games under the original category are;

  • Aviator
  • Mines
  • Go rush
  • Dice
  • Hilo
  • Goal
  • Plinko
  • Limbo
  • Tower
  • Wheel
  • Keno

There are many other games on the platform in other categories but the above games are very popular with most casinos and as such, if you really want to earn good money or even earn at all from this website, ensure you play one of the games listed above.



Fb999 Review – Is Fb999.win Legit Or Scam?

Fb999.win is a legit online earning website but as we all know, most casino gaming websites may be legit and good to one person and be terribly bad and illegitimate to another.


The legitimacy of casino gaming platforms therefore, is relative or based on the experience of the user. But the general thing to note is, greed is the main killer while playing games on websites like this. If you want to earn fairly, endeavour not to allow greed get the better of you.


The secret is, stake low and keep trying till you win. Staking high amount from the money deposited may end up putting you in major regrets.

Fb999 Registration Steps

To register on the platform, simply hop into the website and fill the sign up form. At the point of filling the form, you wouldn’t be asked to enter otp and email address can be linked later on as it’s not required initially.



After signing up, you will be logged into the main dashboard to start playing games. But that wouldn’t be possible since deposit is needed for one to be able to play games. So simply follow the steps below to deposit money on fb999.win

How to Deposit Money On Fb999.win

How to deposit Money on fb999

While on the homepage, simply click on the wallet icon at the bottom, then proceed to click on Deposit.

Select the amount you wish to deposit starting from 1,000 naira, pay into the account shown to you within the timeframe given and then wait for it to reflect on your dashboard.

There is need to know that, the account details changes each time you want to deposit, so it is advisable to discard the first account number used to fund your wallet as sending money back to same account when next you wish to deposit, will mean you’ve thrown away the money.



Ways Of Making Money On Fb999

There are various ways of earning money on the platform starting and in this fb999 review, we will be exploring each and every option.



1. Playing Games – this is the conventional way of earning money on fb999.win and to do this, simply deposit money and click on any of the categories, select the game and play. It’s as easy as abc, the only thing you should be mindful of is staking very high on the games as that is usually the bane of huge losses.

2. Referring – you can refer friends and family members to play games on fb999 to earn extra revenue. You can earn fixed amount of money when your referrals deposit and also earn commissions from the games they play. This means, you get to earn from various means if you are able to build a large team.

3. Daily Bonus – you earn daily bonus from the platform depending on your total accumulated bonus and how often you check-in.

If your total accumulated deposit is 1,000 naira you earn 65 naira daily by checking in. The higher your total deposit is, the higher bonus you would be given as you check-in daily.

How to Withdraw Earnings on fb999

How to withdraw from fb999.win

To withdraw money on fb999, you must have earned up to 2,000 naira as that is the minimum withdrawal amount. After you’ve earned the said amount, login to your account.

Click on “wallet“, then you will be shown the deposit and withdrawal page, click on withdraw and bind your account number and details. After which, you submit withdrawal and wait for payment.

According to them, the payment shouldn’t exceed 1-24 hours and if it does, you can immediately contact their support for them to look into it.

Fb999 Green Flags

  • Lower minimum deposit
  • Lower withdrawal amount; at least it’s clear the platform is not after scamming people.
  • Very active customer support. I contacted their support for some clarifictaions and the response was swift via livechat. No delay whatsoever.
  • Fb999 has been around for years, so it’s not just a hit and run casino gaming website.

Fb999 Red flags

  • No welcome bonus whatsoever, you must deposit before you can play. Not everyone will have the courage to deposit on a platform before trying it out.
  • There is little info about fb999 on the Internet.

That’s all for this fb999 review! Do you think playing games to earn is something you can do on fb999.win judging from the article you just read? Share your thoughts and feel free to join our telegram and WhatsApp group for more interesting online money making reviews.

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