Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada 2023

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Compared to the numerous USA, UK, and Australia scholarships, there aren’t as many Canada scholarships accessible to international students.

However, studying in Canada is not as affordable as studying at home, even if it is still reasonably priced when compared to other nations like the US, the UK, Australia, etc.

However, studying in Canada is not as affordable as studying at home, even if it is still reasonably priced when compared to other nations like the US, the UK, Australia, etc. The majority of international students have done their homework and determined that this is the case; as a result, they need to look for a scholarship program that will assist defray some of the costs they will likely pay.

Why Choose Canadian Universities?

Quality Education

Canadian Universities offer some of the best quality education in the world. They have the equipment and tools required to provide their students with a top-notch education. Hence the class of the degree they hold. As was already mentioned, the degrees are respected globally and place their holders on the map, which makes it easier for students to get employment following graduation.

Tuition Fees 

Another reason why international students flock to Canada is that the country’s tuition costs are comparably lower than those in other European nations. This is especially true given that Canada offers high-quality education and degrees that are recognized worldwide.

Cultural Diversity

Since Canada has admitted the most international students recently, the likelihood that you may run into a student from your country at school is rather high. This cultural diversity has significantly lessened the rise in racism.

Here are some of the fully funded scholarships for foreign students in Canada;

Fully Funded Scholarship in Canada 

University Scholarship at University of Edmonton

At Concordia University of Edmonton, the University Entrance Scholarship is intended to help deserving college freshmen with a keen interest in academics and research.

If they are enrolled in a full-time program, exhibit academic distinction, and show promise for future success, they will receive an entrance scholarship of $5000 for up to 4 years.

If the student maintains a satisfactory GPA during the duration of their full-time program, the scholarship may be renewed once. 

Surrey Littauer University Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

Applications for the University of Surrey Littauer Scholarships for Applicants are now being accepted from well eligible students. It is a generous grant available to all students.

The University of Surrey is a multinational community of intellectuals and achievers committed to education and research that may change people’s lives. With a spectacular and vibrant campus, they offer quality education and hands-on learning to motivate and equip our students for success in both their personal and professional lives.

Situated in the county of Guildford, Surrey, in the South East of England, United Kingdom, the University of Surrey is a public research university. The university has specific areas of expertise in engineering, business, medicine, and science.

BGHS Doctoral Scholarships for International Students 2022

You might be interested to know that the University of Bielefeld is currently accepting applications for their BGHS Doctoral Scholarships from candidates who meet the necessary qualifications. It is a generous grant available to all students.

Through its training program, the BGHS has set itself the goal of providing each member with equally favorable conditions during the doctoral phase while also taking into account the diverse requirements. As a result, it provides multidisciplinary courses, is committed to globalization, encourages constant reflection in quality assurance, and supports individual initiative through bottom-up methods.

Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarships

Nottingham Developing Scholarships are available for students wishing to develop practical, career-related skills and receive mentoring to aid their personal and professional development.

Successful applicants will be matched with a range of projects to provide a real-world, transferable experience that can be applied to further study or the workplace.

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowships

This fellowship is awarded to anyone that is registered to undertake a full-time course at the University of Manitoba as a master’s student or ph.D student. The fellowship runs for twelve months. The fellowship is valued at $18,000 for Ph.D. students or $14,000 for Master’s students.

University of Waterloo Master’s Awards of Excellence

This is offered to students of any nationality that will undertake a research-based course at the university of waterloo. The award is valued at $2500 per term with the award spanning for a maximum of five terms.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

This scholarship is valued at $50,000 per year for three years, the aim is to attract and retain world doctoral students. This scholarship is meant for doctoral degrees (or combined MA/Ph.D. or MD/Ph.D.) at participating Canadian Universities.

University of Calgary Graduate Awards

This scholarship is valued between $1,000 to $40,000 and it covers different fields of study in the university, it can be full or partial – depending on which the applicant is applying for.


Studying in Canada might just be the best decision you would ever make. In addition to learning in some of the best institutions in the world, you would also be able to have access to life changing opportunities by living in Canada. Remember, you need to be academically sound to study in Canada as they only accept the best minds to study in their schools. 


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