How to Check your JAMB Mock Result for 2024

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The anticipated 2024 Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) exams are approaching. Before then, many candidates who sit for the JAMB mock exams on March 7 would like to check their results to gauge their preparedness for the main JAMB exams. If you are one of them, here’s how to check your JAMB mock exam result for 2024 upon release:

1. Visit the JAMB Mock result portal

Start by visiting the official JAMB Mock result portal at


2. Input your registration number

Once on the portal, you’ll be prompted to input your JAMB registration number. Ensure that you have this number handy as it’s required for verification.

3. Check your JAMB Mock result

After entering your registration number, click on the designated button to check your mock result.

4. Review Your UTME Mock result after check

Your UTME Mock Result should now appear on the screen. Take note of your scores in each subject area to assess your performance.

Final thoughts

Remember, the UTME mock result serves as a valuable benchmark to guide your preparation for the main UTME scheduled to commence on April 19th, 2024. So it does not count if you pass or fail the mock exams. The examination that matters is the one starting on the 19th of April.

Also, if you encounter a message stating, “You did not sit for Mock Examination” don’t fret. Simply wait for a while and recheck the portal later if you are sure you took the JAMB 2024 mock exams. That is it about how to check your 2024 JAMB mock exam results.

On your main exam day in April, do not forget important materials including your JAMB registration/examination slip, a valid government-issued identification and writing materials. These variables will ensure you have no issues accessing the exam hall. Also it is strongly advised not to go to the exam hall with any electronic devices such as phones.

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