Idah Poly commencement of 2023 FYB week

This is to inform all NDII & HNDII that the 2023 FYB Week Celebration will take place as from on Monday 21% August Friday 25lh August. 2023 It is entitled for all Final year students in every department to participate as all departments will not be allowed to host theirs separately.

Below are the listed Dressing modes for the FYB Week Celebration:

Idah Poly commencement of 2023 FYB week

• Monday 21 August. 2023

Tuesday 22nd August. 2023

Wednesday 23rd August. 2023

Thursday 24th August. 2023

Friday 25th August. 2023

SIGNED: Comr. Shehu Suleiman

Dircctor of Social

Cooperate Wears

Students Union Government

Back to school wears

Jersey wears

Thanks as you take your time to make the days very colourful.

Jean on Jean wears

Costume/Switch wears

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