Is It Compulsory To Write JAMB Mock 2024?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is the body that conducts the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) for candidates seeking admission into various tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Every year, millions of candidates register for the UTME, which is a computer-based test (CBT) that covers four subjects of the candidate’s choice.

However, before the main UTME, JAMB also organizes a mock examination for interested candidates. The mock exam is a simulation of the UTME, designed to give candidates a feel of the exam environment, test their readiness, and expose them to possible questions. The mock exam is usually held a few weeks before the UTME, at designated CBT centres across the country.


But is the JAMB mock exam compulsory for candidates who want to write the UTME in 2024? What are the benefits and drawbacks of taking the mock exam? How can candidates register and prepare for the mock exam? These are some of the questions that this blog post will answer.

What is the JAMB Mock Exam?

The JAMB mock exam is an optional exam that candidates can choose to take before the main UTME. It is not a prerequisite for writing the UTME, nor does it affect the UTME score or admission chances of the candidates. The mock exam is simply a practice test that helps candidates to familiarize themselves with the CBT format, the types of questions, the time limit, and the exam rules.

The mock exam covers the same subjects and syllabus as the UTME, and it is also marked and scored by JAMB. However, the questions are not the same as the ones that will appear in the UTME, and the score is not recorded or published by JAMB. Candidates who take the mock exam will only receive their scores via SMS or email, for their personal use.

The mock exam is also free of charge, except for a nominal fee of N700 that candidates have to pay to the CBT centre where they will take the exam. This fee covers the administrative and operational costs of the centre, and it is not refundable.

Is the JAMB Mock Exam Compulsory for 2024?

The answer is no, the JAMB mock exam is not compulsory for candidates who want to write the UTME in 2024. It is entirely optional and voluntary, and candidates can decide whether to take it or not. JAMB does not penalize or reward candidates for taking or not taking the mock exam.

However, JAMB encourages candidates to take advantage of the mock exam, as it can help them to improve their performance and confidence in the UTME. According to JAMB, the mock exam is meant to achieve the following objectives:

  • To give candidates an opportunity to test their knowledge and skills in the subjects they have chosen for the UTME.
  • To expose candidates to the CBT environment and the features of the exam software, such as the navigation buttons, the timer, the calculator, and the keyboard.
  • To help candidates to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and to work on them before the UTME.
  • To reduce the anxiety and fear that candidates may have about the UTME, and to boost their morale and motivation.
  • To provide feedback and guidance to candidates on how to prepare and study for the UTME.

Therefore, candidates who want to benefit from these advantages should consider taking the mock exam, as it can help them to prepare better and perform better in the UTME.

How to Register for the JAMB Mock Exam 2024

Candidates who want to register for the JAMB mock exam 2024 have to follow these steps:

  • First, they have to register for the UTME 2024, which will commence in January 2024 and end in February 2024. During the UTME registration, candidates will be asked if they want to take the mock exam. Candidates who are interested should indicate their interest by selecting “Yes” on the registration portal.
  • Second, they have to choose their preferred CBT centre for the mock exam. Candidates can choose any CBT centre that is accredited by JAMB, and that is within their state of residence. Candidates should note that the CBT centre they choose for the mock exam may not be the same as the one they will use for the UTME.
  • Third, they have to pay the mock exam fee of N700 to the CBT centre they have chosen. Candidates should ensure that they obtain a receipt or evidence of payment from the CBT centre, as they will need it to access the mock exam.
  • Fourth, they have to print their mock exam slip, which will contain their personal details, exam date, time, and venue. The mock exam slip will be available on the JAMB portal a few days before the mock exam date. Candidates should print and keep their mock exam slip safely, as they will need it to enter the exam hall.

When is the JAMB Mock Exam Date for 2024?

The JAMB mock exam date for 2024 has not been officially announced by JAMB, as of the time of writing this blog post. However, based on previous years, the mock exam is likely to hold in March 2024, a few weeks before the UTME, which is expected to hold in April 2024.

Candidates who have registered for the mock exam should check the JAMB website and their email regularly for updates on the mock exam date, time, and venue. Candidates should also note that the mock exam will start by 7 am on the scheduled date, and there will be different sessions depending on the number of candidates at each CBT centre.

How to Prepare for the JAMB Mock Exam 2024

Candidates who want to prepare for the JAMB mock exam 2024 should follow these tips:

  • Study the JAMB syllabus and past questions for the subjects they have chosen for the UTME. The syllabus and past questions are available on the JAMB website and other online platforms. Candidates should focus on the topics and concepts that are relevant and important for the UTME.
  • Practice with online CBT software and apps that simulate the JAMB exam software. Candidates can download or access these software and apps from various sources, such as the JAMB website, Google Play Store, or other websites. Candidates should practice with these software and apps regularly, to get used to the CBT format, the features, and the time limit.
  • Time themselves and monitor their speed and accuracy while practicing. Candidates should aim to answer as many questions as possible within the allotted time, without compromising on the quality and correctness of their answers. Candidates should also review their answers and learn from their mistakes.
  • Seek help and guidance from teachers, tutors, or mentors who are knowledgeable and experienced in the subjects they are taking. Candidates should ask questions, clarify doubts, and seek feedback from these experts, to improve their understanding and performance.
  • Join online or offline study groups with other candidates who are preparing for the mock exam and the UTME. Candidates can share ideas, resources, and tips with their peers, and also motivate and support each other.
  • Relax and rest before the mock exam. Candidates should avoid cramming, stressing, or panicking before the mock exam, as these can affect their concentration and confidence. Candidates should get enough sleep, eat well, and stay calm and positive.



The JAMB mock exam is not compulsory for candidates who want to write the UTME in 2024. However, it is a useful and beneficial exercise that can help candidates to prepare and perform better in the UTME. Candidates who are interested in taking the mock exam should register for it during the UTME registration, choose their preferred CBT centre, pay the mock exam fee, print their mock exam slip, and prepare well for the mock exam. Candidates who take the mock exam should also use the feedback and experience they get from it to improve their readiness and confidence for the UTME. We wish all candidates success in their mock exam and UTME.

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