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2022 JAMB Brochure & Syllabus [IBASS Latest & Original Copy] can be accessed below.

JAMB Brochure & Syllabus: Download or View Online Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Interactive e-Brochure and e-Syllabus System (JAMB IBASS) for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination  (UTME and Direct Entry (DE) Students [2022/2023] Visit https://jamb.gov.ng/ibass.aspx for your e-brochure & e-syllabus]

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Newsone reports that the Joint Admission Matriculation Board, JAMB has created an Interactive Brochure and Syllabus System (JAMB IBASS) for all UTME and Direct Entry applicants.


All Prospective UTME and DE applicants are advised to get acquainted with the JAMB Brochure and Syllables online before purchasing the UTME and Direct Entry JAMB Registration Forms.

The Interactive Brochure and Syllabus System (JAMB IBASS) provides candidates with the various admission requirements needed from them from their prospective tertiary institutions.


All Candidates can access the JAMB Interactive Brochure and Syllabus System (JAMB IBASS) online via the link>>>https://jamb.gov.ng/ibass.


Follow the Respective Links below to Download the JAMB Brochure and Syllabus for Specific Subjects in PDF.

A. Download JAMB IBASS UTME and Direct Entry Complete Brochure in PDF



2022 JAMB Brochure & Syllabus [IBASS Latest & Original Copy]

B. Download JAMB IBASS UTME Complete Syllabus for all Subjects in PDF


  1. Download JAMB Agriculture Syllabus in PDF
  2. Download JAMB Arabic Syllabus in PDF
  3. Download JAMB Art Syllabus in PDF
  4. Download JAMB Biology Syllabus in PDF
  5. Download JAMB Chemistry Syllabus in PDF
  6. Download JAMB Christian Religious Studies Syllabus in PDF
  7. Download JAMB Commerce Syllabus in PDF
  8. Download JAMB Economics Syllabus in DF
  9. Download JAMB French Syllabus in PDF
  10. Download JAMB Geography Syllabus in PDF
  11. Download JAMB Government Syllabus in PDF
  12. Download JAMB Hausa Syllabus in PDF 
  13. Download JAMB History Syllabus in PDF
  14. Download JAMB Home Economics Syllabus in PDF
  15. Download JAMB Igbo Syllabus in PDF 
  16. Download JAMB Islamic Studies in PDF
  17. Download JAMB Literature in English Syllabus in PDF 
  18. Download JAMB Mathematics Syllabus in PDF
  19. Download JAMB Music Syllabus in PDF
  20. Download JAMB Physics Syllabus in PDF
  21. Download JAMB Principles of Accounts in PDF
  22. Download JAMB Use of English Syllabus in PDF
  23. Download JAMB Yoruba Syllabus in PDF

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board was established by an Act of 1978, subsequently amended in 1989 and 1993. By the virtue of the Act, the Board is empowered to be responsible for them:

i) general control over the conduct of matriculation examinations into all Universities, Monotechnics, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education;

ii) appointment of examiners, moderators, invigilators, members of the subject panels and committees and other persons with respect to matriculation examinations;

iii) placement of suitably qualified candidates in the tertiary institutions in collaboration with those institutions.

In furtherance of these functions, the Board conducts a matriculation examination for candidates seeking admissions to tertiary institutions within the country. This examination is known as the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).


Those eligible to sit the UTME are holders of the following qualifications or their equivalents:

i) the West African School Certificate (WASC)
ii) the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCE)
iii) the National Technical Certificate or the National Business Certificate (NTC/NBC)
iv) Teachers’ Grade II Certificate

Candidates who have sat or are scheduled to sit for examinations in any of these qualifications in the year of application may also sit for the UTME


The UTME is conducted once a year in the computer based test mode. The test is a three-hour multiple-choice in four subjects, with a compulsory paper – the Use of English and three other subjects of a candidate’s choice. Prospective candidates are advised to seek the advice of their teachers, parents/guardians or career counselors in their choice of elective subjects for the UTME.

Candidates are advised to visit the JAMB practice test window on its website to familiarize themselves with features of the computer-based test at no extra cost.


Prospective candidates for the UTME are to note that for them to secure admissions into tertiary education programme, they have to:

    • attain an appreciable standard of pass in the UTME in the relevant subjects;
    • have credit passes in five relevant subjects in the appropriate WAEC/NECO
    • SSCE/Teachers’ Grade II examination.
    • The credit/merit passes in question should be attained at not more than two sittings.
    • Normally, cred it passes Mathematics and English Language are required for all tertiary education courses except where it is stated otherwise.


Do you want to pass JAMB successfully? Then this article will reveal secret to pass JAMB successfully. JAMB CBT is the newest way Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) adopted to test her candidates.

And one of the successes JAMB has made in the past few years is moving from paper based test to computer based test (CBT).

This new process has helped in reducing malpractice, saving time and cost-effective means of making UTME a fair playing ground for all candidates. In the time past, the rate of malpractice was high but this has reduced via the introduction of CBT.

However, many students haven’t been able to integrate well with JAMB CBT and this has led to failure or underperformance of many students. For any student to pass JAMB successfully, he/she must master the act of taking CBT which is quite different from paper based test. Mastering this act will enable you to pass JAMB successfully.

In this article, the top secrets on how to score high in JAMB CBT is discussed. And this will enable any candidate that reads it to know JAMB secret, how to study for JAMB, and how to pass JAMB successfully.

JAMB CBT guide

  • When you login you will see your picture and Name at the right hand side of the login. Make sure your Name and Picture are correct, If not inform the invigilators. You should also the the four subjects you have registered for, if there is a mistake call the attention of the invigilators.
  • You can skip question and come back to answer them later
  • The timer shows you the number of time left to answer the current subject

JAMB CBT Guides in Pictures

jamb cbt guide

jamb cbt guide 2

jamb cbt guide 3

jamb cbt guide 4

How to pass JAMB successfully or JAMB Secret

Here are the steps and how to pass JAMB CBT successfully:

  1. Study well before you write UTME

For JAMB CBT exams, Past questions are a must have, firstly, it serves as a means of making the students familiar with the way questions are being set and it properly conditions your mind on what to look out for when you are reading. Secondly, most times, past questions are reset in subsequent years, so it’s sort of a ‘legal expo’ since you have seen the questions prior to the exam.

Another thing is frequent study, once you keep your brain afresh by going through your notes and textbooks as a way of revising; you tend to remember things more

For the Use of English, build your diction and vocabulary as it will help you in the synonyms and antonyms section. How can you build your vocabulary? When you go through the past questions, have a dictionary, a book and a pen beside you. This will enable you check up a complex word, understand it’s context usage, and by writing it down, you won’t forget easily.

Some students do think about how to study for JAMB. The suggestion above has answered the question of how to study for JAMB. Past questions are guidelines that will navigate you through the way JAMB use to set their questions and those areas that do occur the most. I will advise that you pay attention to areas where JAMB like bringing out questions and you will see yourself scoring high. In addition, for students that will be writing Mathematics, pay close attention to differentiation, integration, binomial expansion, sequence, word problem, permutation and combination, probability, circle geometry, etc.

  1. Relax and be calm

Don’t allow the fear of the exam to get hold of you when you get into the testing hall. Fear may make you forget all you have read and eventually throw you off balance. Taking a deep breathe will help you dissipate the negative emotion.

  1. Build a Time Budget

At any given point during an exam, you should know the maximum number of minutes you have to spend on the current question before moving on to the next. This will definitely help you to pass JAMB.

Try to lay down very strict time limits for yourself on each question.” This strategy goes a long way toward avoiding time trouble; it keeps your attention focused and prevents you from spending too much time on any particular question. The key to maintaining this keen awareness is to build a time budget. First, take the time allotted for the exam and subtract ten minutes. Next, divide this amount by the number of questions. The result is how long you have to spend on each prompt. This provides a safety buffer. You want a few extra minutes available here and there to be able to double check your answers when you are finished.

Hint: Building a time budget will enhance your speed and accuracy. Don’t dwell too much on a question, there is no penalty if you guess and move on (No negative marking).

  1. Proceed from Easy to Hard

The most effective way to tackle an exam is to answer the easiest questions first, and this is exactly what you should do. Start with the most approachable questions before moving on to the difficult ones. Don’t worry if this has you skipping around all over the exam—in most cases the provided order is irrelevant.

It is also important to note that there is no particular order when writing JAMB CBT. You can start with any subject you find easy before you proceed to difficult ones.

Hint: For the science students, especially those doing calculation subjects like Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, formulas are keys to solving any calculation. Once you see a question involving calculations, first bring out all the parameters given, then try to analyze the topic this question came from, after this you find out how the parameters are related, this is where the use of formulas comes in. By doing this chances of getting the right answer are higher


  1. God factor

This can’t be overemphasized. He is the only person that can dot your I’s and cross your T’s. And also silence other unforeseen factors that are beyond your power. Commit your study each day into His hands and ask Him for the grace to read, understand and retain.

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