JAMB Cut Off Mark For Computer Science 2023/2024 : Requirements And Admission Tips

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JAMB Cut Off Mark for Computer Science 2023/2024


Studying Computer Science in Nigerian universities requires meeting the JAMB Cut Off Mark. In this blog post, we will explore the necessary JAMB score and strategies to secure admission into Computer Science programs.

  1. What is JAMB Cut Off Mark?

JAMB Cut Off Mark refers to the minimum score required to be eligible for a particular academic program. It determines whether JAMB candidates can proceed to the next stage of admission processing.

  1. JAMB Cut Off Mark for Computer Science

To participate in the Post-UTME screening for Computer Science, the general JAMB Cut Off Mark is 200. However, some universities, like AAU (Ambrose Alli University), may accept a score of 180. It is important to note that private universities often have different requirements.

  1. JAMB Cut Off Mark for Computer Science that Guarantees Admission

To significantly increase your chances of admission, aiming for a JAMB score of 250 and above is recommended. With a score in this range, your likelihood of being admitted to study Computer Science becomes more promising, reaching approximately 70%.

  1. How to Calculate Your Aggregate Score for Computer Science

Different universities employ various methods to calculate the aggregate score for admission into Computer Science. While some use both JAMB and Post-UTME scores, others consider JAMB and O’ level results.

Here is a typical calculation for Computer Science aggregate score:

  • JAMB Score divided by 8, plus Post-UTME (30%) and O’ level (20%).
  • JAMB Score divided by 8, with the remaining 50% allocated to O’ level (applicable for schools using O’ level, Post-UTME, and JAMB).
  • Departmental cut-off marks for Computer Science usually exceed 55 for most universities.
  1. Conclusion

A JAMB score of 250 and above is considered strong for securing admission to study Computer Science in any Nigerian university. However, it’s important to note that admission decisions also depend on other factors such as performance in the Post-UTME and O’ level exams.

By aiming for a high JAMB score and performing well in subsequent admission assessments, you can increase your chances of securing a place in your desired university to study Computer Science.

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