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In a recent announcement, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has unequivocally stated that it will not process any Direct Entry (DE) admission for the 2023 academic year without proper certificate verification. The Board issued this directive to A-Level applicants through an official statement posted on its X page last Friday.

According to the statement, JAMB has urged all prospective candidates who applied for 2023 admissions through Direct Entry to promptly contact their former institutions for the verification of their certificates. The Board emphasized that it will not entertain admissions for affected students from non-responsive institutions, and the verification process is crucial for the upcoming academic year.

JAMB has taken proactive steps by reaching out to all tertiary institutions that issued certificates to applicants. The Board acknowledged that a substantial number of institutions promptly responded and cooperated with the verification process. However, it expressed concern about the non-responsiveness of certain institutions, which may hinder the smooth admission process.

The official announcement read, “This is to notify all A-Level candidates who applied for 2023 admissions through Direct Entry (DE) to contact their former institutions for prompt verification of their certificates. In order to expedite the verification process, the Board wrote to all tertiary institutions that issued the certificates, and a significant number of them responded positively, while others were lax.”

The Board further clarified that it will not proceed with the DE admission process until certificate verification is completed. It emphasized that the entire admission process for the academic year is expected to conclude shortly.

JAMB also warned that students from non-responsive institutions will not be considered for admissions in the upcoming academic year. To assist candidates in identifying non-responsive institutions, the examination authority provided a link to a list for easy reference.

As the deadline for admissions approaches, affected candidates are strongly advised to take immediate action and ensure their former institutions verify their certificates to avoid any complications in the admission process. JAMB has reiterated its commitment to a fair and transparent admission procedure, emphasizing the importance of certificate verification for the credibility of the academic system.

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