JAMB Portal Opens for 2023/2024 Change of Institution/Course & Other Corrections

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JAMB Portal Opens for 2023/2024 Change of Institution/Course & Other Corrections

JAMB has made an announcement that its portal for the 2023 Change of Institution/Course and related data corrections is now open, following the JAMB 2023 examination. It is important for aspiring university students to read this blog post about this announcement and understand its implications.


JAMB Portal Opens for 2023 Change of Institution/Course and Other Corrections

Recently, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) announced the opening of its portal for the 2023 Change of Institution/Course and other necessary corrections. This is a welcome development for prospective university students who may have made mistakes during their registration process or reconsidered their preferred course or institution.

JAMB is responsible for coordinating the admissions process for Nigerian universities, and their portal is the primary resource for all potential students seeking to register and gain admission into tertiary institutions. This announcement implies that students who made registration errors or had a change of mind can now rectify their mistakes and improve their chances of being admitted.

In this blog post, EXAMKINGNG will discuss the recent JAMB portal announcement and provide guidance on how students can make the necessary changes to their registration details. Additionally, we will provide useful tips and advice for students seeking to make changes to their chosen institution or course. Whether you are a prospective university student or a concerned parent, this post will help you navigate the JAMB portal and make the required changes to your registration details.

After the release of the UTME examination results, the JAMB change of course and institution form becomes available to students. This form provides an opportunity for students to make necessary changes to their registration and exam details.


In addition to course and institution changes, students can also modify the following details using the JAMB data correction form:

  • Course
  • Institution
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • State and Local Government Area of Origin

To change your JAMB course or institution of choice, you don’t necessarily need an OTP code. You can make the application either at a CBT centre or via the JAMB portal login page.

If you need guidance on the JAMB change of course and institution process, I can help you with step-by-step instructions for making the required changes and correcting any data errors. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or require further assistance.


JAMB Change of Course & Institution Correction of Data 2023/2024

It will cost you two thousand five hundred Naira (₦2,500) to purchase the JAMB change of institution and course of choice.

There are two categories of students who apply for the JAMB correction of data form;

  1. New JAMB Applicants
  2. Undergraduate Students

Correction of Data for JAMBites

JAMB correction of data form for new students is for students who wrote the recent JAMB examinations.

You can change your institution and course of choice when the JAMB result is out.

Applying for the JAMB change course and institution of choice is impossible with your phone or in a cyber cafe. You must visit the JAMB CBT centre to apply for the JAMB correction of data in your JAMB profile.
Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates are students in universities, Polytechnic or Colleges of Education.

Students with admission can apply for the JAMB correction of data on the JAMB profile portal.

You can change your institution, course, name, gender and LGA using your phone or at a cyber cafe via the JAMB portal login.

JAMB Data Correction Closing Date

There is no specific date for the JAMB data correction form. You can apply for the Change of Data after your JAMB result is out. Undergraduate students can apply anytime for the correction of their data. You are allowed to do the JAMB change of institution and course twice.

JAMB Data Correction Form

Here are the ls the list of applications for the correction of data;

  • Course/Institution
  • Names
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • State/LGA of Origin

How To Do JAMB Correction Of Data

As promised earlier, here is the alternative way to correct your JAMB data without visiting the portal yourself.

Unfortunately, it might be more expensive than the initial method because the JAMB official could hike the service charge for personal gain.

Having said that, follow the steps below to do jamb correction of data using this method:

  • Visit a nearby jamb office.
  • Tell the officials you want to correct your data.
  • Collect the change of data form
  • Pay for the Form
  • Fill out the form with accurate details
  • Submit the form
  • Complete the thumbprinting process
  • Exercise patience while the official completes the subsequent stages on the JAMB CAPS Portal.
  • Collect your jamb correction of the data printout. The printout will reflect on your jamb profile after a few hours.

JAMB Change of Institution

The JAMB Change of Institution form allows you to change your school of choice in your JAMB profile. It will enable you to change your institution’s first, second and third choices.

For example, with the change of institution form, you can change from the University of Nigeria to Lagos State University.

Also, you can change to another Polytechnic or College of Education.

Can JAMB Change Of Course Be Done Twice?

Yes, you can change your course on two different occasions. This means you can complete the jamb change of course twice if you can shoulder the financial implications.

Can I Change My UTME Subjects?

No, you can’t change UTME subjects. The only viable or related option involves changing your course to the one that matches the utme subject combination. Unfortunately, you need ₦3500 to switch from one course to another.

How To Correct JAMB name via SMS

  1. Open your phone message app
  2. Type your Surname, middle name and last name in the following format: James, Italoye, Sunday.
  3. Send it to 55019 or 66019 to complete the process.
  4. JAMB will notify you of the latest change via email or text message.

JAMB Change of Course

The JAMB Change of Course form allows you to switch to another course in your JAMB profile.

Some students will need to change their department of choice after their JAMB result is out. This swapping process is necessary to switch to a less competitive course.

Also, it is mandatory to change course after your school of choice offers you admission to a different department.

JAMB Change of Name

The JAMB Change of Name form is for applicants who want to change their names on the JAMB portal.

Many students make mistakes with their names during JAMB registration. Also, some students’ JAMB profile names do not tally with the name in their WAEC or NECO results. They must apply for the correction of their name on the JAMB portal.

JAMB Change of Gender

JAMB Change of Gender form is swapping your gender profile to either male or female.

You will apply for this form if there is an error entering your gender during the JAMB registration.

JAMB Change of State & Local Government of Origin

The JAMB change of State and Local Government or Origin is for students who want to make these changes in their JAMB profile.

JAMB Change of Course and Institution

Here are the procedures on how to buy and apply for the JAMB change of course and institution of choice at the CBT centre;

Decide to change your course or institution of choice

  1. Visit the JAMB CBT registration centre
  2. Inform the CBT officer you want to apply for a change of course or institution
  3. Fill out the data correction at the CBT centre.
  4. Pay the sum of two thousand five hundred Naira (₦2,500)
  5. Provide your JAMB profile code
  6. Thumbprint with the fingerprint reader
  7. Confirm the new changes on your JAMB profile code
  8. Get the printout for your new course or institution.

How to Apply for JAMB Data Correction

  1. To change your Course, Institution, Name, Gender, or State/LGA in your JAMB data, follow these steps:
  2. Open your web browser on your smartphone or PC
  3. Go to https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/eFacility/correction.htm
  4. Enter your JAMB email profile address and password, and click on “Login” to access your account
  5. Select your JAMB examination year from the drop-down menu
  6. Click on the top sidebar menu
  7. Select “Application for Correction of Data (Exam year Downward)”
  8. Choose the type of correction you want to make
  9. Enter your JAMB registration number and click on the “Search Details” button
  10. Generate a payment invoice on Remita and make payments using your ATM card
  11. Return to the JAMB portal to make the necessary data corrections.


How to Change Phone Number in JAMB Profile

The cost to change your phone number in your JAMB profile code is free.

Go to the JAMB CBT centre with an affidavit stating that you misplaced your former phone number.

After JAMB Change of Course & Institution

Many students who have recently undergone a JAMB Change of Course or Institution have been asking me why they are unable to register for their Institution of Choice’s Post-UTME examinations.

It typically takes a few days to a week for your changes on the JAMB portal to reflect on your profile and for you to be able to register for the Post-UTME screening.

However, the good news is that universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education in Nigeria are committed to ensuring that all students can register for their screening exercise.

To sum up, the opening of the JAMB portal for the 2023 Change of Institution/Course and other corrections is excellent news for prospective candidates who want to modify their JAMB application. This opportunity provides a chance to correct any errors or mistakes made during the registration process and ensures that candidates can pursue their desired courses and institutions.

It’s crucial that candidates take advantage of this window and make the necessary corrections before the deadline. With this development, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) continues to demonstrate its dedication to providing a seamless and transparent admission process for all candidates.

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