Kobowin Review – Is Kobowin.com Game Legit Or Scam?

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Kobowin is an online gaming website where you play a couple of games and earn double or triple of the amount deposited. In this kobowin review, we will be having a look at how legit kobowin.com game is, how to play games on the platform to earn money and some other details you should know about the platform.



Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the business of today which is to discuss kobowin to the understanding of everyone, including a layman who’s had absolutely no knowledge about casino websites.

About Kobowin

Kobowin as already stated is a gaming website that gives users the opportunity to earn money when they deposit, play and win in the games available on the website. This is not the first time a website like this is coming out or being published by gistrealz blog, so I believe most of my readers should be familiar with what the platform is about generally.

There are numerous games available on Kobowin but the good thing is, you don’t have to download any app to play games or even use data to download any game resource, all it takes is sign up on the website, deposit money and pick one out of the numerous games available and start earning money.

Some of The Games Available

The games available on Kobowin are categorised. We have the PG games which include but not limited to;

  • Fortune tiger
  • Fortune mouse
  • Alchemy gold
  • Fortune Ox

Like I said these are not the only games under the PG category as there are has alot of games for all potential audience.

The second category of games available is known as mirthful gaming and the games are;

  • Mines
  • Ninja crash
  • Fortune tiger
  • Limbo etc.

That’s that for the games! In the course of this article, I’d also reveal my best choice of game for people who wish to earn money from the platform faster because not all games are easy or understandable and since it’s something that has to do with money, there is need to be careful.



Kobowin review – Is Kobowin Legit Or Scam?

Now to the big question and perhaps the main reason for writing this article, is Kobowin legit or scam? Kobowin is a legit gaming website in the sense that users actually get paid when they play games and the winning rate for people who actively play without letting greed get the better of them is high.

I tried to play mines game and I was surprised at the rate at which I was winning. I lost in some rounds but the few I didn’t allow greed get a hold of me, I won repeatedly. This is unlike my experience on some other online casino website, so I’d advise you to give it a try but never allow greed get the better of you in any casino gaming website as that could be tantamount to big losses.

That’s why some people have varying opinions regarding the legitimacy of most online gaming sites. When you allow greed get the better of you, the chances of losing more than doubles. Don’t allow that happen to you while playing games on the platform and you won’t have much problems.

How to Create An Account On Kobowin

To create an account on Kobowin, simply click on the Official website and sign up. While signing up, enter your phone number and username then password.

Kobowin deposit

After you’re done with the sign up process, click on the balance icon showing at the top to deposit money. The minimum deposit is 2,000 naira and if this is what you can risk at the moment for the game, then there is absolutely no problem, just ensure you pick a game that you can play and not just playing randomly.



Most of the games are interesting but like I said, I will drop an important tip in this article to guide you while playing games on Kobowin in order to increase your wining rate.

How to Play Games On Kobowin And Earn Good Money

How to play games on Kobowin

Most of the games on Kobowin are nice but the one I had the best time playing is, Mines game under mirthful gaming.

When you’re done depositing money, click on the mines game, then stake low or little amount such as 100 naira from your total deposit, select 3 mines out of the default 4 mines, stake and start playing. While playing, if you observe a certain point hasn’t bombed you after two to four clicks, continue on that path for sometime before you cash out to your balance.

Keep repeating the process but ensure you don’t stake a high amount like 500 naira while playing the mines game as that could be disastrous. Stake low, maintain a certain lane and cashout immediately you’ve earned something tangible.

In all, ensure your balance increases by even if it’s 100 naira after each round of gameplay. That way, you will be making progress rather than losing money. This may be referred to as a strategy but it’s not, just a common rule if you want to earn the most from casino gaming websites.

About Kobowin Referral Program

This is an additional and stress-free way of earning more from Kobowin. You earn some commissions from your first to third level referrals and this is not even dependent on whether your referrals win games.

As long as they’ve played a game on the website, you will be given a commission. All you have to do is share the good news to friends and family.

How to Withdraw From Kobowin

To withdraw from Kobowin, you need to clear some wager depending on your level. For people on lower VIPs, the requirements are lower or less stringent. Just make sure you turn over the total amount you deposited in the course of playing games.

There is no stated minimum withdrawal, so once you’ve cleared wager, you can withdraw from 2,000 naira and above. Of you want to withdraw from kobowin, follow these steps below in screenshots;

EzoicHow to withdraw from Kobowin game

Kobowin Green Flags

  • The website is easy to use and the games are very much accessible.
  • There are numerous games on kobowin, which makes it suitable for most audience or users. You must find one you’re familiar with in the list of games.
  • The minimum withdrawal is not on the high side. Some casino gaming websites fix a higher minimum withdrawal but this is not the case with Kobowin.
  • Red envelopes are released for users on a daily basis as long as they’ve deposited up to 2,000 naira for the first time on their accounts. So after your first deposit, you can start claiming the red envelopes dropped on their telegram channel for a chance to boost and withdraw.

Now, we’ve come to the end of this kobowin review! I hope you enjoy the gaming experience and don’t forget, greed is the main problem most people encounter on gaming websites, so be wise.

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