Latest news for students sitting for JAMB from April 22nd to 29th 2024

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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has reaffirmed its commitment to a fair and secure testing environment for the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). In line with the latest news for JAMB 2024, certain items are strictly prohibited as they can potentially facilitate cheating. Being familiar with this list is crucial for all candidates to avoid disqualification.

Protecting JAMB exam integrity

JAMB emphasises that these banned items have been used in the past to gain an unfair advantage. The latest JAMB 2024 news highlights JAMB’s zero-tolerance policy towards examination malpractice. By prohibiting these items, JAMB aims to ensure a level playing field for all candidates and uphold the integrity of the UTME.

List of JAMB prohibited items 2024

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the items strictly forbidden in the JAMB exam hall, as per the “latest JAMB news 2024”:

  1. Mobile Phones or Similar Electronic Devices: This includes even switched-off phones, tablets, and any device with communication capabilities.
  2. Wristwatches: Smartwatches with any additional functionalities beyond basic timekeeping are not allowed.
  3. Pen or Biro (Except Approved): If it will be allowed, it’ll only be blue or black. Double-check for any additional instructions regarding specific pen types.
  4. Spy or Reading Glasses (Unless Medically Prescribed): Unaided vision is expected during the exam.
  5. Calculators (Except Approved Models):JAMB prohibits students from bringing calculators into the examination hall.
  6. USB Drives, Hard Disks, or Similar Storage Devices: No external storage devices are allowed.
  7. Books or Any Reading/Writing Material (Except JAMB-Approved): Rely solely on your prepared knowledge; no external reference materials are permitted.
  8. Cameras and Recorders: Capturing visuals or audio within the exam hall is a serious offence.
  9. Microphones and Earpieces: These can be used for unauthorised communication.

Beyond the List: Additional Precautions

The latest JAMB news 2024 goes beyond just listing banned items. JAMB also advises candidates to avoid:

  • Decorative designs or tattoos on palms:These might interfere with biometric screening at the exam centre.

Instructions to parents and guardians

The latest JAMB news bulletin also stresses the importance of parental involvement. While offering support is crucial, parents and guardians must strictly adhere to JAMB regulations. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Review JAMB website: Familiarise yourself with the banned items list and discuss it with your child.
  • Advise against loitering near exam centres: JAMB strictly prohibits parents from being present during the exam. Respect these guidelines to avoid penalties for your child.

 JAMB latest news on Punctuality

The latest JAMB news 2024 also emphasises the importance of punctuality. JAMB has a strict policy regarding latecomers:

  • Candidates arriving 30 minutes after the exam start time will not be allowed to enter the exam hall.
  • Latecomers will be marked absent and will not be allowed to participate in the exam.

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