Latest NPower News & NASIMS News Today 16th August 2023

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Latest NPower News and NASIMS News Today 16th August 2023 can be accessed below..

The latest Npower news, for today and N-power Stipend Payment and Nasims News for Npower Batch C2, n power news today on the payment of January, February, March, April, May, June and July Stipends Payment.

Latest Update on Npower Stipend Payments – August 16, 2023

Stay Informed with the Latest Npower News: Batch C Stipend Payments and NASIMS Updates.

If you’re part of Npower Batch C, then knowing the newest Npower news is probably really important to you. Don’t worry, we’re here to give you the most current info about Npower Batch C stipend payments and NASIMS news.

Npower Stipend Payment News Today and Empowerment Plans

In today’s Npower News, good progress has been made in managing the Npower program. This is good news for people waiting for their stipend payments. Along with this, there’s a big plan to help young business owners all over Nigeria. This latest Npower news also talks about the ongoing Nasims website update and how it affects people who already get Npower. Npower stipend payments will start soon.

What’s happening now is that Npower is going to start paying the stipends that they owe very soon. This will happen right after they choose the Ministers and what they’ll be in charge of. The new Minister in charge of the social investment program will be the one to take care of the program. If your bank details have issues, you’ll see a message about it on your dashboard.


NASIMS Clears Up Questions about Profile Updates, Payments, Biometric Validation, and Login Problems

The people who run the National Social Investment Program (NASIMS) have answered lots of questions from people who get NPower. People were wondering about things like how they’re paid, problems logging in, and other stuff. NASIMS is busy fixing these problems. Lots of people have had trouble logging into the new NASIMS website, which has been changed a lot. It’s been made better and works with other help programs, like President Bola Ahmed Tinubu wanted.

For people in Batch C, Stream 1 and 2 who get Npower, it’s important to do these things:

  • Wait until NASIMS tells you to before you do Biometric Validation.
  • NASIMS has started to pay stipends from November, October, and December 2022. They’ll soon pay for January to July 2023 too (that’s 7 months of stipends).
  • Be patient because the Government is giving over N20 billion for the National Social Investment Program this year. Also, the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Social Development, and Disaster Management will have a new Minister by the first week of August 2023 to look after the program. Npower News: NASIMS Profile Update:
  • If your info is wrong, talk to NASIMS before trying to fix it.
  • Don’t try to update your NASIMS profile right now because they’re working on the website. They’ll fix any problems caused by the update.
  • If your status says “Applicants” instead of “Beneficiaries,” it’s okay. The website will go back to normal after they’re done fixing it.
  • The Payroll and other parts of the website will show when you got paid last. If it’s empty or doesn’t show now, don’t worry, the website is still being worked on.

To wrap things up, NASIMS is really working hard to fix everything, and they want people getting Npower to be patient. It’s better not to change anything on the website unless NASIMS says so. They’re doing everything they can to make things better for everyone in the National Social Investment Program.



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