NPC Recruitment : NPC Gives Important Update On 2023 Census Adhoc Staff

Following the NPC Recruitment,
NPC has Given an Important Update On the 2023 Census Adhoc Staff.

Vital Update Regarding the 2023 Census Adhoc Staff: Beware of Misinformation!

Greetings to all concerned citizens,

We find it necessary to bring to your attention a matter of significant importance that concerns the upcoming 2023 Census and the misinformation that has been circulating through a fraudulent Facebook page named “2023 Census Adhoc Staff Update.” This deceitful page claims to be associated with the National Population Commission (NPC), but we want to make it absolutely clear that there is no legitimacy to this claim. We have no ties whatsoever with this misleading page. To ensure that everyone is well-informed and not misled, we would like to provide a comprehensive overview of the situation:


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