PAAU disclaimer notice to the general public

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It has come to the knowledge of Prince Abubakar Audu University’s Management that many charlatans and impostors are parading the online and other media fora, claiming to have access to University’s e- examination committee and that they would manipulate results in favour of their clients. This is simply deception of the naïve.

The University’s E-examination Committee distances herself from any group or persons soliciting for money to intervene on behalf of any prospective candidate preparing for the Post UTME of Prince Abubakar Audu University, Anyigha.

PAAU disclaimer notice to the general public

The University Management, therefore, sternly and strongly warns any person or group of charlatans deceiving gullible candidates with a promise to be able to alter results in their favour. Management would not fail to take prompt and punitive legal actions against such persons or groups. Any staff or student soliciting money or attempting to aid and abet such act, either online or in person would face the full force of the law

While wishing all candidates success at the examination, the University Management assures prospective candidates that the forth coming Post UTM Examination would be devoid of any form of manipulation.


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