Recruitment Update from the Nigerian Immigration Service

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Recruitment Update from the Nigerian Immigration Service

Be careful of fake job offers: A warning from the Nigerian Immigration Service



The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) has given a public alert. They are warning people, especially those who have applied for jobs or are thinking about it, to be careful about fake job offer letters for positions within the service.





The Service’s spokesperson, Deputy Comptroller of Immigration (DCI) Dr. Adedotun Aridegbe, spoke about this concern in a statement released from Abuja on Wednesday.

Important Points:



  1. Official Website: The only correct website to get job offer letters for NIS jobs is the NIS Official Recruitment Portal. To access these letters, applicants should log in with their registration details and phone numbers.
  2. Watch Out for Fake Sources: Dr. Aridegbe stressed that any job offer letter that doesn’t come from the official portal might be fake and should be doubted.
  3. Quote: Dr. Adedotun Aridegbe said that the acting Comptroller General of NIS, Caroline Adepoju, is aware of scammers sending fake job offer letters to deceive people about recruitment into NIS.

Key Points from the Statement:

  • Fake Job Alerts: The NIS has noticed that scammers are tricking the public with fake job offers.
  • Only Official Source: Legitimate job offer letters are available only on the NIS’s official recruitment portal.
  • Ignore Unsolicited Offers: People should not pay attention to job invitations that don’t come from the official site because they are fake and made to deceive.

Tip: Always check if any communication you receive about a job offer is real. If it seems strange, it probably is.

Where to Find Real Information:

Dr. Aridegbe suggests that if you want accurate updates or information about NIS operations, you should rely on their official platforms:

  • Twitter: @nigimmigration
  • Instagram: @ingimmigration
  • Other: SERVICOM

To sum up, it’s very important to be cautious and informed in the digital age. Scammers are always finding new ways to trick people, so it’s necessary to be careful. By using official sources and being suspicious of unexpected invitations, you can avoid falling for these scams.

Frequently Asked Questions about the NIS Job Alert:

Q: How can I know if a job invitation from NIS is real? A: Only real job offer letters from NIS can be downloaded from their official recruitment portal: NIS Official Recruitment Portal. Be careful of letters from other sources.

Q: Where can I get accurate information about NIS activities? A: You can get trustworthy information about NIS activities from their official platforms:

  • Twitter: @nigimmigration
  • Instagram: @ingimmigration
  • Other: SERVICOM

Q: What should I do if I get a suspicious job invitation? A: If you receive an invitation that seems fake, ignore it and don’t share any personal information. Check with NIS’s official platforms to confirm.

Q: Is NIS currently hiring? A: The official statement doesn’t mention ongoing recruitment. Always check the NIS official recruitment portal or their recognized communication channels for accurate updates about job openings.

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