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Making money and living comfortably has never been easier during any period of humanity than in our time. You still have to put in effort to make the money—of course, money doesn’t drop from anywhere.

On the internet, fraudsters have duped many, creating a false view of how to make money online. The internet is a goldmine that has birthed millionaires and liberated many from destitution through legit means.

Some legit ways to earn money from the internet and avoid the wrath of the law include:

· Freelancing

Students now go into freelancing and people from any part of the world are looking for their skills and expertise. Freelancing is one the most legit ways to make money with no boss or supervisor. Resources and platforms abound on the internet where you can also learn skills to sell. People write contents, design websites, generate leads, etc and get paid thousands of dollars.

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· Blogging

Blogging is another means to make money from the internet. If you have a skill for writing and willing to sacrifice your time to create contents for your website, you will make your money from the internet via AdSense, sponsorship posts, etc.

· Content creation

Creating contents for YouTube, Facebook, etc is another legit way to make money online. One very important step you have to take is to monetize your platform. The higher the number of your viewers, the higher your income.

· Social media influencer

If you can spend your time engaging and increasing the number of your followers while offering valuable contents, you can earn money from endorsement and advertisements. Some companies and business owners will even offer you their products to use for free. The benefits of becoming a social media influencer are limitless.

· Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you get a commission from selling another person’s product online. If you have a good following on social media, then this is for you. Recommend products to people. When they buy, you get your commission. Easy.

· E-commerce

E-commerce is an online store that houses products which people can buy, and order without having to sell physically. Recall that the richest man on earth, Jeff Bezos, is into e-commerce business.

· Write a book and publish

Writing a book and publishing is very easy to these days. However, the biggest platform that will help you maximum the benefits of writing a book is Amazon. You can write once and earn forever.

· Create an online course

People are willing to invest in knowledge. And your online course would be an avenue that offers people the knowledge they need. An online course on how small businesses can be seen on Google would generate income for you. Share your knowledge and earn legit income. Be sure to offer value.

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