Types of Jobs that Do Not Require a Work Permit

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A Canadian work permit in a document given to you by the government authorizing you to work in their country. An immigrant without a work permit in Canada would not be able to work and earn a living while in the country, hence it is essential you get a work permit.

However, there are jobs that do not require a job permit in Canada. Research has shown that foreign nationals can earn a living doing particular jobs without a work permit.

Types of jobs that do not require a work permit

There are various jobs that do not require a job permit in Canada. Here you will see a few that do not require a work permit.


Farm Work

In order to do this job, it has to be on a volunteering basis (this means that you might not be paid). To do this particular job you would have to enter the country for visitation only.

Military Personnel

This is only earmarked for the military. These armed military personnel can only come into the country on orders and it must be official. This is permitted under the terms of the Visiting Forces Act.


Athlete or Coach

This applies only when as a coach from another country you have a competition to engage in Canada. The coach or athlete is exempted from having a work permit.

This covers the athletes and the coaching crew from foreign teams.

NOTE: The athletes part of the Canadian team needs a work permit.

Business Visitor

Before raising your hopes up you need to understand what this means. As a business visitor, you have to be on official purposes on behalf of your company, your place of work and source of your income must be located outside Canada. Being a business visitor you must not enter the Canadian labor market.


This job offer is done without a work permit in Canada. In other words once certified to provide spiritual guidance, handle spiritual ceremonies at religious events you will be granted permission. You must be an ordained minister or a priest to be in this category of exemption.


Not all artists are eligible to perform in Canada on the other hand you can if and only if you possess the following requirements:

  1. If you will perform for a stipulated period of time;
  2. You must not seek employment in the Canadian labor market;
  3. Ought to be the artist given the exemption permit or a key member of the crew;
  4. Do not appear nor anchor any broadcast with any media house be it televisions, radios, or films.

Public speaker

Public speakers coming into Canada are also exempted provided the seminar/event is nothing later than 5 days. As a result, you must not interfere with the labor market nor seek to gain employment.

Civil Aviation Inspector

Flights going from one location to the other need to be inspected and if you fall into this category you can be exempted to operate without a work permit. This job allows you to inspect cabin safety and the operation of international flights.

Aviation Accident or Incident Investigator

When an accident occurs and needs assistance from foreign individuals to investigate it they would not need a work permit. The Canadian Transportation Accident and Safety Board Act approves it, hence the foreign individual can perform their duties without harassment.

Implied Status

This only applies to those who renewed their work permit before it expired while working in Canada therefore cannot be harassed.

Student On-Campus Work

Students are eligible to work in their schools without a work permit. Possibly to handle positions like the teaching assistant, research assistant, or helping out the lecturers.

Student Off-Campus Work

Students with valid study permits must follow these requirements;

  1. Consequently, they must not work for more than 20 hours per week during their academic year.
  2. They can only work full time during the stipulated holidays(winter and summer).

NOTE: This requirement affects the student on-campus workers.

Judges, Referees, and Other Officials

Foreign nationals traveling to Canada to anchor events, sports, festivals, contests are exempted and can work without permits.

 Note on Fraudulent Job Offers

Beware of tricksters and fraudsters hence ensure you research the company online once given an offer above all do not pay any money to anyone.

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