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The University of Benin (UNIBEN) has officially opened its doors for potential candidates to enrol in its renowned part-time undergraduate Degree Programmes for the upcoming 2022/2023 academic year. This blog post outlines the essential details about the courses on offer, admission prerequisites, and the application process.


🎓 University Announcement University of Benin (UNIBEN) offers part-time undergraduate Degree Programmes for 2022/2023.
📚 Approved Courses Multiple B.A. & B.Sc. courses, including Mass Communication, Computer Science, English & Literature, etc.
📋 Admission Requirements General & Specific Faculty Admission requirements available in the linked PDF. Candidates must meet requirements for entrance exams.
🌐 Application Portal www.uniben.edu → Student Portal → waeup portal → Part-Time Studies Application 2022/2023.
💳 Application Fee N12,500 for diploma programmes (+ N2,000 portal services). Payment via Remita with Visa/Master Card.
📸 Photo Specifications 1×1 colour passport photo with red background in JPEG. It’s a mandatory valid ID for admitted students.
🚫 Forbidden Items GSM phones and calculators.
📅 Application Deadline On or before September 30th 2023.
📝 Entrance Examinations Some programmes require a computer-based entrance exam. Others don’t, based on Senate-approved general requirements. Biometrics must be done at a JAMB approved centre.

Courses Offered by UNIBEN in Part-Time Degree Programme

With the endorsement of the NUC, the University of Benin proudly presents a diverse range of degree programmes, including:

  1. B. A. (English and Literature);
  2. B. A. (International Studies and Diplomacy);
  3. B. A. (Mass Communication);
  4. B. A. (Ed) (Adult Education);
  5. B. A. (Ed) (Adult Education, English & Literature);
  6. B. Sc. (Ed) (Adult Education, Economics and Statistics);
  7. B. Sc. (Ed) (Adult Education, Political Science);
  8. B. A. (Ed) (History);
  9. B. A. (Ed) (French);
  10. B. A. (Ed) (Fine Arts);
  11. B. A. (Ed) (Edo Language);
  12. B. A. (Ed) (Religious Studies);
  13. B. A. (Ed) (Eng. & Literature);
  14. B. Sc. (Ed) (Biology);
  15. B. Sc (Ed) (Chemistry);
  16.  B. Sc. (Ed) (Computer Science);
  17. B. Sc (Ed) (Integrated Science);
  18. B. Sc (Ed) (Mathematics);
  19. B. Sc. (Ed) (Physics);
  20. B. Sc. (Ed) (Social Studies);
  21. B. Sc. (Ed) (Human Kinetics);
  22. B. Sc. (Ed) (Health Education);
  23. B. Sc. (Ed) (Environmental Education);
  24. B. Sc. (Ed) (Economics & Statistics);
  25. B. Sc. (Ed) (Geography & Regional Planning);
  26. B. Sc. (Ed) (Political Science);
  27. B. Sc. (Ed) (Educational Management);
  28. B. Sc. (Ed) (Library and Information Science);
  29. B. Sc. (Ed) (Childhood and Primary Education)
  30. B. Sc. (Ed) (Agricultural Education);
  31. B. Sc. (Ed) (Business Education with options in Accounting Education and Office Technology and Management);
  32. B. Sc. (Ed) (Home Economics Education);
  33. B. Sc (Ed) (Industrial and Technical Education with options in Automobile, Electrical/Electronics, Building/Woodwork and Metal Work Technology);
  34. B. Sc. (Accounting);
  35. B. Sc. (Banking and Finance);
  36. B. Sc. (Industrial Physics);
  37. B. Sc. (Computer Science);
  38. B.Sc.  (Statistics)
  39. B. Sc. (Public Administration);
  40. B.Sc. (Political Science)
  41. B. Sc. (Social Work);

UNIBEN Part-Time Degree Admission Requirements

To be eligible for UNIBEN’s part-time degree programmes, candidates must meet both the general university admission requirements and those specific to their chosen faculties.

Download the Detailed Admission Requirements (PDF 312KB)

How to Apply: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Setting Up: Ensure you have an active email account. This will be crucial for communication throughout the application process.
  2. Navigating to the Portal: Visit UNIBEN’s official website, proceed to ‘Student Portal’, and then select ‘waeup portal’. Next, choose Part-Time Studies Application 2022/2023 to initiate your application.
  3. Application Form: Click on ‘Start a new application’, carefully read the instructions, and hit ‘continue’.
  4. Payment: Generate a payment ticket. The application fee for diploma programmes is N12,500.00 (excluding N2,000.00 for Portal Services). Payments can be made via Remita using Visa or Master Card.
  5. Photograph: Upload a recent, clear ‘1×1’ colour passport photograph with a red background in JPEG format. Remember, this will be the primary ID for all admitted candidates during their tenure at UNIBEN. Failure to upload the specified photo can lead to application disqualification.
  6. Final Review: Before final submission, preview and ensure all information is accurate. After the closing date, no corrections will be entertained.
  7. Acknowledgement Slip: Post submission, print out a confirmation slip containing your details.

Remember, the use of GSM phones and calculators during the application process is strictly prohibited.

Deadline Alert: The last day to submit all applications is September 30th 2023.

Entrance Examinations

Certain programmes necessitate an entrance examination, which will be a computer-based test. However, some programmes don’t require any entrance test; admissions into these are determined by the Senate-approved general requirements.

Extra Step for Completion: For a thorough admission process, candidates must register their details, inclusive of biometrics, at a JAMB approved Centre. The fee for this is N3500.

The University of Benin remains committed to providing top-notch education to its students. This part-time degree opportunity serves as an excellent platform for individuals to pursue higher education while balancing other commitments. Best of luck to all prospective candidates!

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