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Specimen A – Mature fresh eggs of catfish

Specimen B – Fresh egg of domestic fowl (raw, with shell intact)

Specimen C– Picture/model/chart of uterus containing a foetus

Specimen D – Longitudinal section of ovary of pride of Barbados flower

Specimen E – leaf of pride of Barbados flower

Specimen F – Panicum plant/Guinea grass (whole plant)

Specimen G – Cocoyam plant/Caladium plant (whole plant)

Specimen H – Corm of cocoyam

Specimen J– Dry humus in a beaker

Specimen K– Moist humus in a beaker

Specimen L– Ripe orange fruit (whole)

Specimen M – Longitudinal section of coconut fruit

Specimen N – Longitudinal section of fresh chilli pepper fruit.

(b) it is essential that each candidate should be provided with the following materials;

I. hand lens/magnifying lens;

II. scalpel/razor blade/knife;

III. pair of forceps;

IV.  hand gloves;

V. spatula;

VI. Petri dish;

VII. Fehling’s solutions A and B;

VIII. Iodine solution.

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