WAEC Result 2023 : Full Meaning of Held, Withheld, Outstanding (2023 Update)

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2023 WAEC Result Update…

Whenever WAEC results are released and candidates go online to check their results, some candidates’ results are usually successful. While some already know their fate, others are always left hanging after checking. They encounter some errors from the WAEC Result Checker Portal.

Whatever response is received from the WAEC Result Checker Portal, in this article, I will briefly explain the terms used by WAEC to aid those experiencing such issues or others as the case may be.



Candidates have been asking this question every time, and due to no orientation, they have not been able to get answers to their questions.

Below is a detailed explanation/definition of the terms used by WAEC


A result is usually withheld in a situation whereby almost all the candidates in an exam center appear to have scored the same grades in the subjects written. Without much investigation, WAEC automatically suspects that the center is a special center for exam malpractices and other forms of examination misconduct resulting in WAEC withholding the results of the candidates while they carry out further investigation.

For the investigation, the results of every candidate in that center would be subjected to a scrutiny test. Any result that passes the test would be released, while the latter may never be released.

The results of applicants who participated in examinations conducted by the council are only withheld when they break the West African Examination Council’s guidelines and norms (WAEC).


WAEC withheld most candidates’ results because they participated in examination misconduct throughout the exam.

You can argue that although I do not engage in malpractice, my results are still being withheld; however, you could have copied from someone or had someone else copy you, which is unacceptable to WAEC.


Following my inquiry, I discovered that most WAEC students hire others to write their exams for them, either because they believe they are not smart enough to clear WAEC or because they have other examinations during the time frame.

This is one of the reasons I occasionally advise candidates not to register for WAEC and JAMB simultaneously, even though it is a good idea.

Hiring someone known as a “mercenary” to write WAEC for you is a poor idea; what if that individual is caught red-handed?


Candidates’ scores may be withheld because of disturbances they cause inside the examination venue; students are advised not to talk to one another throughout the exam; if you have any issues, you can report them to the invigorator.

If you are found cheating, you may be required to fill out a malpractice report, which could result in your results being withheld.


You might wonder if there is any difference between a withheld and held result. They may seem to have the same definition as you. Still, in this case, a held result occurs when there is a remark that has to do with exam malpractice or examination offenses written on the candidate’s answer booklet.



A candidate may have an outstanding result in a particular subject written mainly because they were recorded present for that examination. Still, the total score on that subject has not been concluded. In most cases, it’s usually due to an extra answer sheet not being properly attached or improper filling of examination numbers and other basic details.



This is a common case for candidates who usually register for WAEC in special centers.

Some of these special centers/schools are known to be highly disreputable.

They have also been marked by the WAEC examination body for always conducting exam malpractice.

When such a case is reported, the full result for such a center is instantly canceled. And then, further investigations are carried out.


NOTE: Always ensure you fill in all details accurately when writing your WAEC Exam and checking your WAEC results. Also, make sure your writing is legible. There’s a difference between me and 1, between 0 and O.

However, candidates sometimes act carefree and don’t notice the difference.

Entering the wrong details when checking their WAEC results could also result in you getting responses such as– No Result For This Candidate in The Specified Year.


What are my options if my results are withheld?

There’s nothing you can do. The only way to stay informed about the exam body’s ultimate decision is to do this:

  • Stay in contact with your school (center)
  • Maintain contact with colleagues who are facing problems.
  • Check online often.

Should I keep my hopes alive?

Absolutely, if you’re confident that your center didn’t participate in or encourage exam fraud throughout the examination.

Nonetheless, the committee report ultimately decides; if your center is found guilty, you could be compelled to prepare for the exam the next year.

If you have any questions on this, feel free to drop them in the comment section below.

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