WAEC Set to Modernize Examinations with CBT

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WAEC Set to Modernize Examinations with CBT

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is embarking on a transformative journey that aims to introduce Computer-Based Tests (CBT) for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). In an interview with Mr. Patrick Areghan, the Head of the national office, this innovative step was unveiled as part of WAEC’s vision for the future


Mr. Areghan underscored the significance of this transition, recognizing the challenges that come with implementing CBT, particularly for practical and essay-based subjects. He acknowledged that while it’s feasible for objective questions, the shift to CBT for practicals and essays poses challenges such as the need for computer literacy, access to computer facilities, and reliable electricity in schools.


Despite these challenges, WAEC is determined to modernize its examination system. The plan is to initiate CBT examinations, initially focusing on objective questions and gradually incorporating theory and practical papers. However, Mr. Areghan acknowledged that not all schools would be prepared for this transition, implying that there may be a phased approach where some students continue with the traditional pencil-and-paper mode.

Beyond CBT, Mr. Areghan also expressed his aspiration to fully digitize all facets of WAEC’s operations. This ambitious goal aligns with the broader vision of embracing digital technology to improve the efficiency and accessibility of educational assessments.



As Mr. Patrick Areghan prepares to conclude his tenure on October 1, he leaves behind a legacy of innovation and progress at WAEC. His efforts have set the stage for a more technologically advanced and accessible examination system for West African students.

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