What is IDAN ? | Why is IDAN Trending in Nigeria?

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What is IDAN? Why is IDAN Trending in Nigeria?

If you have been actively engaging on Nigerian social media, you may have noticed a new buzzword that is increasingly being used by people online and in everyday conversation – ‘Idan’. For those who are curious about the meaning of this word, I will provide a clear explanation of its significance.

Idan has its root in Yoruba, one of Nigeria’s three most popularly spoken languages, and the word can directly being translated to mean ‘magic’.

What is IDAN?

Idan is a Yoruba word that has been gaining popularity on Nigerian social media platforms and in everyday conversations. The word has several meanings, including “magic” or “charming.” It can also be described as supernatural, exceptional, wonderful, glamorous, and fascinating.

Social/Street Interpretation

Like most buzzwords, Idan has socially been used by folks on the streets and on the cyber space to mean “Boss”. Colloquially then, it is used to refer to someone whom a person holds in high esteem and regard. Such individual is seen to posses such attributes as power, wealth, influence, etc. It is then synonyms to such words as strength, influence and power.

Cultural and Social Influence of Idan

The word Idan is now being utilized by individuals to show their respect and admiration for persons they hold in great regard. Netizens are occasionally being spotted utilizing it under comment sections to cheer their idols.

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