17 Profitable Businesses You Can Start with Just 10,000 Naira in Nigeria

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17 Profitable Businesses You Can Start with Just 10,000 Naira in Nigeria

“Discover 17 profitable business ideas that you can launch with just 10,000 Naira in Nigeria. From small chops and fruit salads to online freelancing and social media influencing, explore diverse opportunities for success.”

Introduction: In Nigeria, you don’t need a lot of money to start a successful business. With just 10,000 Naira, you can jump into various business opportunities that have the potential to bring in good profits. This article presents seventeen simple yet promising business ideas that require a small investment of 10,000 Naira or less. These ideas come from different fields and show that with determination and creativity, you can achieve success.

1. Small Chops Business: Make and sell Nigerian snacks, known as “small chops,” to customers who love tasty treats.

2. Fruit Salad: Create and sell fruit salads using basic fruit preparation skills and a can-do attitude.

3. Reselling Spoilt Products: Buy and resell damaged items like generators, TVs, tires, and bikes – an unexpected but profitable opportunity.

4. Selling Fingerlings: Sell fish fingerlings for breeding, starting a business with low risk and a small investment.

5. Laundry Services: Offer laundry services in busy areas with simple equipment like a second-hand mini washing machine and iron.

6. Home Tutoring Services: Earn extra money by tutoring students at home, starting with a small investment and advertising through local newspapers and online ads.

7. Copywriting: Write copy for advertisements and marketing, working for businesses and agencies.

8. Social Media Influencing: Use platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter to become an influencer and earn money.

9. Create a YouTube Channel: Start a YouTube channel to share your hobbies and interests with a global audience.

10. Recharge Card Business: Buy recharge cards at wholesale prices and sell them at retail for a profit of 3 to 10%.

11. Perfume Oil Business: Sell perfume oil in your community and earn profits from people who like nice scents.

12. Reselling London Used Clothing (Okrika Business): Resell second-hand clothing, also called “Okrika,” and meet the demand for affordable fashion.

13. Orange Business: Buy oranges in bulk and resell them in markets or farms, starting a business with little money.

14. Slippers: Sell slippers and flip-flops by sourcing quality products for resale.

15. Pure Water: Meet the demand for clean water by starting a small-scale pure water business.

16. Vegetable: Grow or buy fresh vegetables to sell in your local market, contributing to the local food supply and earning money.

17. Bread Business: Become a local bread supplier by sourcing and reselling bread to meet the consistent demand.

Conclusion: These business ideas show that you can start a successful venture in Nigeria with just 10,000 Naira. With passion, creativity, and a willingness to work hard, you can turn a small investment into big profits. Don’t hesitate to take action and explore these opportunities – many successful businesses began with humble beginnings. The key is determination and turning these ideas into real plans. Starting small is often the first step towards achieving your goals.

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