How To Study In Germany As An International Students

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Germany has some of the top schools in the world and has become one of the most popular destinations for international students of all nationality, facts, and reports have shown that Germany is the 3rd most popular destinations for international students around the globe.

Studying in Germany is a lot easier compared to some top countries like the U.S. to provides different benefits and scholarships for students every year.

If you must study in Germany as an international student, you must meet the basic requirements of both the school and the country for you to obtain a student visa.

Steps To Study In Germany As An International Student

There are a few steps and checks you will consider before you make that switch to Germany. It is also very possible to study in Germany complete free and will only have to pay the administrative cost which around the region of 100-200 Euro every year.

Select A School of your Choice In Germany and Pick a Program

To study in Germany as an international, you will have to look for a school that offers the course you intend to study, in that way, it will be a lot easy for you to get accepted. Germany has many top-notch universities that offer high-quality education, you just have to look in the right places to find a school you like.

When you decide on which program you want to study, and you have found a University offering your selected program of study. The next step is to submit your application along with the required documents but before then you must check if you meet the requirements.

Check if you meet the requirements

Each requirement for the different schools may differ a little, but then the important and general requirements may stop your admission process if you do not meet them.

The first requirement all undergraduate must have with them a higher education entrance certificate. For most undergraduates that would mean your high-school diploma or, school-leaving certificate or university entrance exam result is usually sufficient, and the DAAD has a database of information on admission requirements for selected countries.

You will be required to show proof of sufficient funding and also proof that shows you have access to around €8,000 every year to cover your basic expenses. This is the point when you should consider the scholarships available to students to cover the living cost.

Your transcript covering all your causes in translated format, a passport photo, proof of language proficiency, etc. will all be required. You must also pay complete all charges and fees required.

Start Applying

Applications are usually done online, and you can scan and submit your application via the website All applications are to be submitted immediately the website becomes available for admission or at least 4 to 5 weeks before the deadline in case there is an error in your application.

The application is processed immediately after the deadline and you are expected to get a positive or a negative result within 2 months from the deadline.

Get A student Visa to Germany

Obtaining a student visa to Germany will differ depending on the country you originate from. Some countries may not require a visa and may require a longer time before their visa can be processed.

If you’re a student coming from a non-EU and non-EEA country, you must get a German student visa. When applying for a visa you must provide all the requested documentation including a health insurance policy and an admission letter.

Move to Germany, find accommodation and Enroll at Your University, then start your life as a student in Germany.

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