Top 10 Most Competitive Courses To Study In Nigeria 2023/2024

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Top 10 Most Competitive Courses to Study in Nigeria


When it comes to choosing a course of study in Nigerian universities, some fields stand out as highly competitive. These courses attract a large number of applicants each year, making the admission process more challenging. In this article, we will explore the top 10 most competitive courses to study in Nigeria, shedding light on their popularity and the requirements for gaining admission.

  1. Medicine and Surgery: Medicine and Surgery is literally the most competitive course in Nigeria. The field of healthcare relies heavily on doctors, and with only a limited number of universities offering this program, competition is fierce. Aspiring medical students must achieve outstanding scores in both JAMB and post-UTME exams to secure admission.
  2. Law: Law is another highly competitive course in Nigeria. With numerous students aspiring to become lawyers, the demand for law programs exceeds the available slots in universities. Only a fraction of applicants are admitted, and achieving a high JAMB score is crucial for success in this field.
  3. Pharmacy: Pharmacy is a highly sought-after course in Nigeria. Limited slots and a growing interest in the healthcare sector contribute to its competitiveness. Only a handful of universities offer pharmacy programs, making admission highly selective. A high JAMB score and excellent performance in post-UTME exams are essential for securing a spot.
  4. Accounting: Accounting is a popular choice among students aspiring to pursue a career in finance. Its appeal stems from the importance of accountants in various sectors. While many universities offer accounting programs, competition remains high. Aspiring accountants must aim for a high JAMB score to increase their chances of admission.
  5. Nursing: Nursing is a field that provides a wide range of job opportunities, making it a popular choice among students. The demand for nurses in the healthcare sector ensures its competitiveness. Prospective nursing students must achieve a good JAMB score and perform well in other admission assessments to secure a spot in this program.
  6. Dentistry & Dental Surgery: Admission to Dentistry & Dental Surgery programs is highly competitive due to limited slots and a high number of applicants. Students aiming to become dentists must excel in their JAMB and post-UTME exams to secure admission. Only a small percentage of applicants are admitted into these programs each year.
  7. Engineering: Engineering programs encompass various fields such as Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, and Petrochemical Engineering. The demand for skilled engineers drives the competition in this field. Aspiring engineering students must strive for a high JAMB score to increase their chances of admission to reputable engineering institutions.
  8. Computer Science: In the digital age, Computer Science has become a highly sought-after course. The rapid growth of the technology sector has increased competition for computer science programs. Students interested in this field should aim for a high JAMB score to enhance their chances of admission.
  9. Mass Communication: Mass Communication is a field that attracts students passionate about media and communication. The industry’s potential for growth and career opportunities make it highly competitive. Aspiring mass communication students must perform well in their JAMB exams to secure admission to reputable institutions offering this program.
  10. Biochemistry: Biochemistry is a field that attracts students interested in medically related professions. Some students choose biochemistry as a pathway to pursuing careers in pharmacy or medicine. Limited slots and a high number of applicants contribute to its competitiveness. Aspiring biochemistry students must aim for a high JAMB score to increase their chances of admission.

Conclusion: Choosing one of the top 10 most competitive courses in Nigeria requires dedication, hard work, and exceptional performance in JAMB and other admission assessments. These courses offer promising career prospects, but securing admission can be challenging due to the high demand and limited slots available.

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