UI 2022_2023 session fee payment guidelines

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The management of University of ibadan has released the fee payment guidelines for the 2022/2023 session. The guidelines for the payment of fees and registration, 2022_2023 academic session are as follows;


A. Login on to the portal

UI 2022_2023 session fee payment guidelines

1. Visit https://student-portal.ui.edu.ng

2. Login details:

Username: your student institutional email or matric number

Password: your last name in lower case (small letters)

3. Select 2022-2023 as your current session at the top right corner.

4. After successful login you will be prompted to change password before proceeding. Input your old password then create a new password of your choice, confirm new password, and click update.

B. Payment Steps

1. After login on to your dashboard

2. Navigate to the Fees section on the left menu

3. Click my fees.

4. The following fees are compulsory for all categories of students:

a. Bundled fee or School fee

b. Technology Levy – To be paid separately.

c. Utility Levy – To be paid separately.

5. Health Professional levy or Laboratory Professional fee is compulsory for students of the College of Medicine while Special DVM levy is compulsory for students of the faculty of Veterinary Medicine – To be paid separately

6. Click the checkbox beside the fee option you are paying and click Proceed.

7. Confirm the correctness of your payment details.

8. Click Proceed to pay.

9. You will be redirected to the payment platform.

10.Select a payment option (card/bank/branch/transfer/remita)

11.Complete payment process as directed in the selected payment option.

C: Confirmation of Payment

1. After successful payment, you will be redirected to the registration portal.

2. Go to Fees, then select Transactions to confirm the status of your payment.

3. If successful, click the eye icon under Actions to payment details. A pdf version can also be downloaded.

4. Remita receipt will be received by email.

5. In the case of a failed transaction for which you were debited, click the refresh icon to update status.

D. Course Registration

1. Kindly visit your department for guidance on courses to register for

2. Additional information on how to proceed to online registration will be forwarded to your email in the coming days. Please check your email regularly.

E. Support

Contact the following email if in need of assistance – [email protected]

Information Technology & Media Services

University of Ibadan

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